Tips for Making a Professional and Attractive Website

Tips for Making a Professional and Attractive Website

In general, a website or what is commonly called a website is a collection of information pages available via the internet so that it can be accessed by everyone in all corners of the world as long as they are connected to the internet network. A good website is a website that can attract visitors and generate a lot of traffic so that visitors don’t leave your website right away. Here we provide some tips that can be used to make a website more professional and attractive.

Make a minimalist and functional homepage

You can create a homepage that is easy for website visitors to understand. Actions that will provide a decision that fits the client’s needs. Make sure your website has gone through a process that suits your target needs. Also make sure the appearance of your website homepage is easy to remember and users will easily operate your website. Show keywords that fit and describe the full range of something you have to offer. Don’t forget to use images or icons as an alternative to communicate your website’s point and give it a more attractive appearance.

Easy-to-use navigation

A navigation on a website is usually at the top of a page. Usually the important pages are placed at the top of the navigation. As for the links (links) that are not too important, they are usually placed at the bottom. What are the reasons for using intuitive navigation? Just imagine if you are a user of a website. If you need information with a limited time, of course you will be annoyed if a website does not work as it should, and the navigation on the website tends to be difficult to use. So, intuitive navigation is necessary to attract visitors to your website.

Responsive and adaptive design

In today’s digital era, the most important approach to websites is responsive design. This will allow your website to look and function properly on mobile devices, tablets, and a wide variety of computers. The basic approach is limited to versions of the same site, i.e. mobile and desktop, while adaptive features are features that can automatically adapt to screen size and functionality on any device.

Site Speed

Loading speed is one of the main reasons why visitors will stop visiting your site. It also greatly affects the ranking of your website in search engines. One of the factors that affect the loading time of a site is the hosting used.

Use a Minimalist but Elegant Design

Minimalist website design helps you get rid of unnecessary site elements. A simple but creative and smart design will be more effective in providing detailed information without any barrier. Limit colors and text and create a unique and smart layout to represent the core features of your website.