Tips for Preventing Cyber Crime in Companies

Tips for Preventing Cyber Crime in Companies

Cyber crime is cyber crime committed by individuals or groups of people who attack computer security systems or data on computers. So you have to be vigilant and careful to avoid the risk of cyber crime. The following are tips for preventing cyber crime in the company


Pentest is an information security test where there will be someone who imitates attacks that commonly occur to identify methods of hacking application, system or network security features. So that in general the pentest aims to analyze the risks that will arise with the vulnerabilities that have been identified and provide recommendations for actions that need to be taken if the system under test can be protected from hacker attacks.

Update all software used

The software is updated, so the previously imperfect system will be refined with the latest system. Fixed bug issues, quality, increased security. Of course, the latest version of the software has more and better features than the previous version of the software. You will lose if you can not use it.

Backup sensitive data regularly

Cyber Crime

Regular data backups will help the company to recover lost data in the event of a cyber crime attack. Data backup will also protect your data in the event of damage to the computer system.

Use a secure hosting service

Choose a web hosting provider that has services that are willing to help with company website problems. So whenever needed when a problem occurs ready to solve the problem you are experiencing. And look for recommendations from trusted people who have purchased web hosting with good quality as needed.

Use security software

Using security software will definitely increase the security of company data. There are 3 reasons why data security is important. The first is to prevent potential material losses. The second is to reduce the risk of data or information misuse. The latter is to minimize the opportunity for criminal acts.