Tips for Safe Mobile Devices to Use

Tips for Safe Mobile Devices to Use

The increasing need for data mobility and important tools to implement cyber security strategies that must always be adjusted. Cell phones are very useful but also come with risks. The reason is, currently mobile phones are not only a means of communication and data storage, but also function as the center of social networks. With this function, maintaining mobile phone security is even more important. There is a lot of important information stored on the device, both personal and work-related. The following are some tips to make your mobile device safe to use:

User authentication

Security measures or measures, such as screen locking with passwords or authentication are important to implement. This step can restrict access and be the first fence to keep information on the device.

Data encryption on mobile devices.

Data encryption is a fundamental solution in protecting the information stored on the device as well as the information sent by the device. Without the decryption key, unauthorized persons will not be able to access the data. Considering the use of a VPN is also good for maintaining a secure connection to the internet. VPN allows devices to connect through special servers so that the connection will be more secure. When using encryption, all data that is in the path between the device and the VPN server is securely encrypted.

Update operating system and applications

Perform regular updates to ensure that the operating system on the device, programs and applications installed on the device are always up-to-date. The latest updates to the operating system and applications are usually accompanied by security improvements and patches.

Avoid connecting to public WiFi networks

Connections like this are not secure because they are unprotected and easily hacked by Man in the middle attacks which are cyber attacks carried out to steal personal information, so that it can compromise important data. For this reason, mobile device users are advised to turn off the “automatic connection” function.

Do a backup

To anticipate malware attacks that can make data inaccessible or when the device is lost, back up data elsewhere so that data can still be accessed and updated. Enabling the automated backup feature is part of a routine IT security task.