Tips on Caring for Computer Components

Tips on Caring for Computer Components

The importance of computer hardware maintenance has an influence on the smooth running of our work related to the computer. For example, we usually use the computer to play heavy games that require a lot of memory capacity, hard disk space and power supply, that means hardware maintenance leads to hardware that is directly related to game play, such as graphics, memory, hard disk and power supply. also sound card. Computer hardware maintenance depends on the intensity of computer work. The following are tips on caring for computer components.

Power Supply Maintenance

Power Supply is computer hardware that is useful for providing and regulating the flow of electric current into the computer CPU. Many of them are sold cheap power supplies in the market, depending on the quality and capacity of the power supply needed. If you want a more solid and good computer work, it is recommended to buy a power supply that has the Pure Power feature. Pure Power Power Supply is a power supply that has a relatively stable voltage. If it says 450 watts for example, then the original voltage is 450 watts and will not decrease when used. It’s different if the power supply is not pure power, then the writing of 450 watts above is inconsistent, that means; at the time of use, the voltage can be less than 450 watts and in this way, it will clearly affect the work performance of the computer hardware in the CPU case because electric current is supplied by the power supply. The most important and mandatory power supply is to use a stable voltage.

Memory/RAM maintenance

RAM or memory is like a special formula that can make a computer work energetically and fit. Large-sized RAM will be better than standard or small-sized memory. For example, the computer you have is a dual core which is enough with only 2 GB of memory. It is better if you add another 2 GB so that it becomes 4 GB. Thus the work of the processor will be greatly assisted and the work of the processor will be lighter with memory with a larger capacity.

Graphics Adapter Maintenance

Graphics Hardware or also called Graphic Adapter is computer hardware that is useful for displaying graphic data from the hard disk to the processor and then to the monitor screen visually. When we install a game for example, and it is successfully installed, but when the game is running it turns out that the game display is moving slowly or has spots or has crashed, it is most likely caused by the accelerator hardware factor in the graphics adapter. Generally, the graphics adapter that is embedded in your motherboard has a standard capacity. That means the use of graphics is in accordance with the capacity of the processor and memory. Then the work of the graphics adapter is also standard and if when you install a higher game and it turns out to have the characteristics as mentioned earlier, that means, your computer’s graphics adapter has limitations and is not strong enough to run the game you just installed. The solution is to buy an external graphics adapter that has a high capacity that is plugged into the graphics slot on the motherboard board.

Hard Drive Maintenance

Hard disk is a storage media or data storage area; be it OS data, programs, songs, videos, pictures, documents or whatever. The use of a hard disk with a larger space will feel more spacious in accommodating a lot of data. The use of a hard disk with a standard capacity, fit or small will be dangerous for the smooth running of your work because the computer system will always need workspace to run certain programs. The larger the computer’s workspace on the hard disk, the better. Besides managing the data on each drive, it is also important to separate the installation program onto an external hard disk and don’t put it on the current hard disk to prevent it from being corrupted, deleted or used by a virus pretending to be an installation program.

Processor Maintenance

The processor is the most important for maintenance. Taking care of the processor does not mean just cleaning the processor, but the most important thing is to check whether the processor holder is right or not. Also check the active heatsink and passive heatsink. Treatment can be done by cleaning the passive heatsink with a brush or dust blower. Avoid using an air compressor which will cause humidity in the area around the processor. In addition, replace the active heatsink / processor fan if it is spinning slowly. The trick is to put the tip of a small ruler on a rotating fan. If after inserting the end of the ruler the fan stops spinning, it means it’s time to replace it with a new one. Buy a processor fan that has a high rotating capacity or a standard processor capacity to avoid the heat generated by the processor.