Tips Prevent Computer Infected Virus

Tips Prevent Computer Infected Virus

Having a computer or laptop is a must for everyone today, because it has many functions such as a means of multimedia entertainment. By using a computer, users can watch videos, play songs and play games. In addition, you can also use a computer as a means to find information via the internet.

Easy Tips to Prevent Computer Virus

A computer affected by a virus attack can slow down system performance so that it has signs such as a long loading process, the battery runs out quickly, the computer hangs often, hardware components such as the processor and hard drive get very hot, so it can shorten the life of a computer. Therefore you must know how to prevent your computer from being exposed to viruses. The following are some easy ways to prevent your computer from getting viruses:

Always Beware of Flashdisk


One of the most common ways to spread viruses is through mobile devices such as flash drives or external hard drives. So you should always scan in total before opening and retrieving files from the removeable. The type of virus that often exists in the flash is usually the Autorun virus. This virus cannot be removed easily, this Autorun virus is usually located in a window in front of a flash, so users must be careful when opening the flash.

Don’t Download Random Files

Computers that are never connected to the internet have a lower risk of getting viruses, very different from computers that are always connected to the internet. Viruses such as trojans, worms to malware can easily enter a person’s computer who often downloads indiscriminately. Therefore, do not try to download files from untrusted sources. It’s better to just visit the official website even though the game is paid rather than your computer being exposed to a dangerous virus due to haphazardly downloading files.

Always Enable Firewall

Especially for computers that are always connected to the internet, the Firewall is a wall of defense for viruses, malware and hackers who want to hijack your computer through the internet network. The firewall can decide whether a computer can connect to the network or block it. The effectiveness of the Firewall itself depends on the configuration and how the user adjusts the filter settings.

Using Deep Freeze

If your activity requires a computer to always be connected to the internet and is often connected to removeables such as flash drives and external hard drives, then the best solution is to use the Deep Freeze program which can be used to deal with computers that experience errors, either due to user error or due to user error. presence of viruses. Deep Freeze will make it easier for you to erase all errors and restore the computer to its original state by simply restarting.

Change File Extension

Many dangerous viruses disguise themselves as files with the DOC or EXCEL extension. Usually Ms Word or Excel files that have been infected with a virus extension will turn into EXE and the worst thing is that the file can’t just be deleted, especially if the file is already infected then you have to reinstall the program.

Compress Important Files

If you have a lot of important files with the EXE extension then you should compress all these important files into Zip or Rar format. The goal is that the virus can not infect the file. With frequent compression like this, the chances of the virus to spread will be smaller.

Use a Combination of Antivirus

To prevent the computer from getting a virus is to combine two Antivirus programs to protect your computer. Combining two antivirus programs will give your computer more protection against viruses. Because usually only one antivirus is less effective, unless you use a Premium antivirus on your computer, it is definitely safe from attacks by various viruses.