Tips to Improve Your Wireless Connection

Tips to Improve Your Wireless Connection

Wireless technology makes connecting easy without having to involve a lot of cables and even if you’re not at the same table. Sometimes the wireless connection may be interrupted and less than optimal. Here are some tips you can use to improve your wireless connection:

Position your router

The wireless signal can’t reach very far. Walls or objects can block the signal. The wireless router should be located in the center of your room to ensure the best coverage. Place the router on a flat surface away from the floor and away from obstructions. Ensure that you are using a unique wireless channel to limit interference.

Change your antenna

The antenna that comes with a router is usually a small antenna with omni-directional capability. This antenna broadcasts a signal in all directions, which can be useful if you need wireless throughout your home, but its range is very limited. A directional antenna can increase range by focusing the signal in a particular way, allowing you to direct it as needed.

Install the repeater

Installing a wireless repeater is an easy and safe way to boost your signal. Repeaters work almost the same as routers, but repeaters don’t create a signal, they just forward an existing signal. The repeater is very easy to install and requires no additional cables or connections. Multiple repeaters can make it easier to create a network connection at your home or business.

Install the antenna booster

It’s easy to make your own reflector or antenna to boost your wireless signal. There are templates and how to make them on some websites using only materials such as foil and cardboard. The design is generally in the form of a parabolic satellite. These boosters can increase the range and direct the signal, although homemade quality will vary.

Firmware upgrade

Router manufacturers publish regular firmware updates and upgrading your router can improve performance and provide access to new features. As another option, you can also install third-party firmware. There are a number of safe and free alternatives that may be compatible with your router.