Tips to Protect Your Computer from Dangerous Virus Attacks

Tips to Protect Your Computer from Dangerous Virus Attacks

Protecting your computer from dangerous viruses is a must that you must do. Viruses are a terrible threat for you PC users. You can have viruses from anywhere, especially when you are surfing the internet. In the internet world there are many types of viruses that you can find, ranging from ordinary ones or those that don’t really have an effect to viruses with risky effects. You need to be careful when surfing the internet, don’t open links carelessly, because all your data can be damaged, let alone stolen by irresponsible hackers. The following are some guidelines so that your computer is free from dangerous virus attacks:

Install antivirus and update regularly

Installing an antivirus and updating it regularly is the main thing that means that you must do it. This antivirus contains a record of dangerous viruses and can eradicate viruses at the same time. By installing an antivirus, your computer will be clean and free from harmful viruses that will harm you. Choose an antivirus that is guaranteed security.

Scan your antivirus regularly

To increase the security of your computer, just downloading an antivirus is not enough to guarantee its security. You also need to carry out regular scans on the PC. Do not scan too often, in general, doing scans with a period of once a week or at least once a month is enough. The purpose of trying this antivirus scan is to monitor the viruses on your computer. If it is found, then the virus will be immediately quarantined and immediately removed by the antivirus that you have selected.

Always be alert when surfing the Internet

The thing that you do most often is, of course, exploring the internet world, and you need to know that the most viral nests are actually located in the internet world. Therefore you must always be careful when using the internet. Listed ads on the internet that you often encounter, generally it is a virus. Don’t let your computer crash by unplanned installing it on your PC.

Don’t use open network

For those of you who often use open networks such as WiFi networks that do not use passwords, then this is suspect. You must always be careful with such open networks, because it is possible that the WiFi network was indeed planned by hackers to spread viruses into the PC. If you are located outside the house and use a WiFi network, first make sure the network is comfortable.

Be careful when using USB

USB is indeed a very instant information storage device. But it actually makes USB very vulnerable to viruses. Do not carelessly plug the USB into the PC, because your computer could be infected with a virus from the USB you are using. You must first confirm that the USB that you want to use is free from viruses.