Use of Information Technology in the Business World

Use of Information Technology in the Business World

Today, namely the modern era, almost everything can be done from home, from paying all bills in the form of telephone bills, internet, pay TV, electricity, pam and so on, it is enough just to use m-banking, and everything can be done by on line. We cannot deny the importance of information technology in our lives. Info technology (IT) has become a very important part of any business plan. Almost all companies, both large and small, use Info Technology, so it is one of the activities that is indispensable to provide improvements in the business services they manage.

Info technology has been widely used to support business systems that occur in companies, both in the economic and banking sectors. With the presence of several applications and services for e-business, e-commerce, e-banking and so on. The need for time and cost efficiency causes every businessman to feel the need to apply information technology in the work environment. Info Technology application results in changes to work habits. For example the Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP) application.

The role of Information Technology in the business world is used for electronic commerce or known as E-Commerce (e-commerce) or electronic commerce. E-Commerce is trading using internet communication networks. E-commerce is part of e-business, where the scope of e-business is broader, not only for commerce but also for collaborating with business partners, customer service, job vacancies and so on.

Facilitate Communication Methods

For many companies, e-mail is the primary means of communication to employees, suppliers and customers. E-mail is one of the early drivers of the Internet. Its use is very easy and relatively much cheaper when compared to fax to communicate.

Data Management

A row of filing cabinets containing company documents is no longer needed by some companies, with the existence of a database. Today, most companies store digital versions of documents on storage devices and servers.

Management Info System

Storing data is only advantageous when the data can be used efficiently. Progressive companies use the data as part of the strategic planning process and the tactical process of that strategy. Management Info Systems (MIS) allow companies to search for sales data, costs and productivity levels. This info can be used to find profitability over time, optimize your return on investment and identify areas that need improvement. Managers can search for sales on a daily basis, allowing them to react immediately to lower-than-expected numbers by increasing employee productivity or reducing item costs.

Providing Knowledge and Sources of Info

Through the internet, you only need one click and all the info is in front of your eyes. The more knowledge you get about the business, the more developed the business you are managing. In addition, you can easily find information related to your competitors.

Customer Relationship Management

Companies are using IT to improve the way they design and manage customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a system that can capture every company interaction with customers, so that there is customer sequence data when needed, such as data records. For example, a customer contacted the call center because he had a problem, about the shipping info he ordered. With the CRM company staff can immediately notify the whereabouts of customer ordered items. Because all interactions are stored in the CRM system. Customers also calm down, because they get satisfying service. This kind of thing gives benefits for the company so that it can further improve performance on productivity.

Business Activities For 24 Hours

The change in information technology really helps business people to carry out buying and selling activities for 24 hours, unlike off-line shops where all activities are very limited by space and time.

Along with the rapid development of science and technology, IT players began to aggressively use these advances. Especially in the Information Technology section, IT players can find it easy in their every business. The business world is very competitive, where there is a lot of competition in order to continue to grow. It takes creativity, persistence, and advanced knowledge in order to compete in it. Given the many roles that information technology can play, it is clear that we will really need it.