Various Computer Operating Systems Operasi

Various Computer Operating Systems Operasi

The operating system is one of the backbones of today’s computers. Every laptop, smartphone or PC device must have an operating system to facilitate daily use.

What is an Operating System?

In general, the notion of an operating system is software that functions as an interface and controller of all resources on a computer device. The main role of the OS is to be a liaison between the three main components consisting of software (applications and programs), hardware (CPU, graphics cards, monitors, keyboards, etc.), and brainware (users/humans).

Without an operating system, a computer, game console, or smartphone will not be able to run optimally because it is this OS that acts as a bridge to regulate the overall function.

Operating System Functions

  1. As a Hardware Manager
  2. Execute basic commands on the computer
  3. Organizing and managing various applications
  4. Translating programming languages ​​in graphic form
  5. For a more optimal computer role komputer

Types of Computer Operating Systems

The following are the types of computer operating systems:

1. DOS Operating System


DOS is arguably the ancestor of the operating system owned by Microsoft today. DOS which also stands for Disk Operating System is the origin of the computer operating system method used by IBM.

Like previous versions of computer equipment, the display of DOS is still black and white, only text and no images are displayed. Because it is still old school and there is no interface, the process of entering the instructions also uses what we now know as Command Prompt.

Advantages of the DOS operating system:

  • Lightweight so it doesn’t take up a lot of memory
  • Small size
  • Has high compatibility

Disadvantages of DOS Operating System:

  • No interface yet
  • The instructions are only text, no graphics

2. Windows Operating System

windows operating system

Windows is the largest type of OS in the world which is currently widely adopted to help accommodate daily needs, ranging from agency computers, academics, to personal needs.

After the cessation of the development process for the MS DOS operating system, Windows became a user’s favorite because its appearance was already installed on almost all IBM computers and other computers.

Windows OS is able to look attractive with a graphical GUI visual. For information, the Windows OS is actually the result of a revolution from MS DOS which a few years before was still based on writing without images.


  • User Friendly interface
  • Easier in the installation process
  • Windows OS applications are abundant


  • Not open source
  • Paid and quite expensive
  • Easy to hack because the security system is still weak
  • Vulnerable to virus attack

3. Linux Operating System

Linux operating system

Linux was first introduced by Linus Torvalds in 1991 ago. This operating system has an open-source nature where users can modify and redistribute freely without the need for a license.

Thanks to this flexibility, the average Linux user often installs and configures himself to build the system. The majority of Linux OS users are also technology savvy, so the development of Linux is very rapid compared to Windows OS or Mac OS which are mostly everyday users.


  • Open Source
  • Free no license fee
  • The development is very fast because it is developed by many people


  • Not recommended for ordinary users
  • Limited Linux apps
  • How to install Linux is quite difficult

4. MacOS Operating System

Mac OS operating system

Mac OS or the abbreviation of Macintosh operating System is an exclusive operating system that is only available on Apple computers. MacOS, which was launched in 1984, was first used for computers called LISA. LISA is none other than a computer created by Steve Jobs after he took a spiritual journey to India.


  • More stable
  • The interface is suitable for multimedia needs
  • Has high security and is not easy to hack
  • Safe from Virus


  • The price is relatively expensive
  • Less than optimal for gaming
  • Not open source

5. UNIX Operating System

UNIX operating system

Just like DOS, Unix is ​​a type of old generation computer OS that is widely used to become the forerunner of the emergence of today’s OS. Currently Unix itself already has many versions that users can choose from. Regarding the main advantages and attractions, there are several aspects that you can try. However, in terms of the use of Unix is ​​now very rarely used.


  • Not easily exposed to viruses
  • Free and can be used for free


  • UNIX appearance is less attractive
  • Does not have a large selection of drivers