Want a Second Smartphone, Read First 10 Tips to Buy Used Smartphone

Want a Second Smartphone, Read First 10 Tips to Buy Used Smartphone

It’s not strange, if we want to replace a smartphone with the newest output, but is the budget only enough to buy a used cellphone. Don’t be sad, if you are careful before buying, it is not impossible that you will get a used smartphone that is still smooth at a low price. That is you need to know tips on buying a used cellphone.

Just knowing that you want to buy a used smartphone is not enough. You also have to know what brand of smartphone you are looking for or what processor you expect to have on your smartphone. That’s why you need:

1. Know what you want to buy

Beyond anything too technical, ask yourself this question: “Why should you buy that smartphone?” or “Can this smartphone help to work, design, type, or is it just for fun?”. You don’t need to know the brand or series you want to buy. Just know the standard specifications of the used cellphone you want. In addition, also specify the width or size of the used cellphone screen that you want. With these criteria, you should start narrowing down the choice of used cellphones to choose from. Oh yes, also determine the price of the used cellphone that you want to buy, don’t let the budget overload.

2. Survey the price of used cellphones

If you already know what smartphone you want to buy and what brand and type, then before buying, you must know the price of the used market. Also find out the latest price information, so you can compare it with used prices. You can find out the prices online by opening e-commerce sites that sell smartphones such as Bukalapak. Besides being able to compare the price of the smartphone you want to buy, you can also see reviews, specifications and prices for the smartphone you are looking for. After knowing how much secondhand prices are, look online or you can go directly to the nearest smartphone shop.

3. Find a reputable seller

If you decide to buy online, to avoid feeling disappointed because the goods received are bad, you must find a seller that has a good reputation among gadget connoisseurs. How? Read comments from past buyers about the seller. If the average comments are good, you can trust the seller.

4. Meet in person, if you can

Buying and selling online is indeed more practical and easier. But if you want to check the smartphone first, meet the seller directly. Good photos of goods are no guarantee that they will satisfy you later. When you get to your house, this item might disappoint you. You can be tricked into defective or counterfeit items. Or there are items that have been paid for but not not delivered. Even if you’ve found a reputable seller, try meeting in person. You will definitely find it easier to check the smartphone that you are going to buy.

5. Make sure it’s not stolen

This is another advantage you get if you meet directly with the seller. You can judge whether the person is selling stolen goods or really wants to take off their favorite smartphone themselves. Stolen goods are often sold at very low prices. If the smartphone you bought is very cheap, ask the seller why it is that cheap. Or you can also ask for the IMEI number of your smartphone and check its validity.

6. Check used cellphones

If you buy a used smartphone, do the following inspection steps: Check the physical condition of the smartphone. One of the things that is very important when buying a used smartphone is to check the physical condition of the smartphone. If only the usual blisters and not too many, it can still be tolerated. But if there are “injuries” that are too fatal, such as cracks on the body or smartphone screen, it’s your choice to continue buying or canceling them.

Has a smartphone ever been submerged in water? You can see it with the naked eye. First, look at the battery charging socket. If the copper appears corroded to a bluish green color, the socket may have been exposed to liquid. Or the way to be sure of it, remove the battery from its compartment. Next to the copper of the battery connector is a small white square of paper. This paper will turn pink or red if it has been exposed to water. But if you buy a smartphone whose battery cannot be removed, water marks are often seen on the location to insert the SIM card.

Insert the SIM card that you brought. Make calls, send SMS, or browse. This is a really powerful way to understand if the smartphone is still working. Ask for the completeness of the gadget. It would be great if the seller still kept the box, manual, charger, headset and all the other equipment he got from the first purchase. Try the sockets. Use a charger, a headset and explore connecting the USB to the laptop. See if the entire socket can still be used properly. Ask about warranty. If this is used as an excuse for sellers to sell their goods at a high price, it is only natural. A valid warranty is important, especially for electronic items such as smartphones.

7. Do the initial negotiations

After everything is in order and you are sure of the smartphone you are going to buy, start negotiating seriously. Mention the shortcomings of smartphones when you want to bid on prices. If the smartphone doesn’t have a warranty or the completeness is imperfect, that’s your chance to ask for a price reduction. But remember, the nego is still within reasonable limits.

8. Asking on social media

If you are afraid to buy a used cellphone from outside the circle, why don’t you just ask your friends or family? Just post it on social media, if there are friends or family who are considering selling their used cellphones. Buying a used cellphone through friends or family can of course be more trusted, than other people who are just known. Make sure that you buy a smartphone from someone who actually owns it. How to find out? One of them is point number 5 above. Don’t buy a smartphone with unclear origins, because it could have a bad impact one day.

9. Look for Smartphone with specifications that are not outdated

Make sure the cellphone you buy has hardware and software specifications that are not too out of date. We suggest that you buy a flagship cellphone. Why? Because of the flagship cellphone, even though the price is more expensive than other used cellphones, it has specifications that can last up to the next 2-3 years. So you don’t need to spend more money to change cellphones. Of course, avoid buying a flagship smartphone that is over 2 years old. Because you could say the specifications are behind with the new cellphone models, and you have to prepare additional costs for cellphone maintenance.

10. Does the used cellphone that you buy have a bonus?

One of the advantages of buying secondhand cellphones is that we can get lots of bonuses. It can be in the form of cellphone cases, wireless earphone chargers and other accessories. You should ask the seller if the cellphone you want to buy has a bonus. It seems trivial, but this can help you cut costs on buying cellphone accessories. Usually individual sellers offer a lot of bonuses, if you buy a used smartphone from him.