Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

When washing clothes using a washing machine, there are lots of bad habits that can be fatal if you continue to do it and not stop it. This habit is not only a waste of time and effort, it can also cost you financially because the chances of your washing machine breaking down are very high. Therefore, here are some tips that you can apply to take care of your washing machine:

1. Don’t Put Too Many Clothes

When you are in a hurry to finish washing and move on to other activities, you often force yourself to put too many clothes in the washing machine. In fact, this can be fatal for your washing machine. In addition, dirt that sticks to clothes is more easily trapped and causes your clothes not to be washed properly, you can also waste water and also cause the washing machine to break down quickly. In order to still be able to wash quickly, when buying a washing machine you should first consider the capacity of the washing machine that you will buy. If indeed your laundry piles up every day, then it’s a good idea to choose a washing machine that has a large capacity or capacity, such as the following Sharp washing machine.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

There is a misconception circulating in the community that the more foam from soapy water when washing, the cleaner the laundry will be. In fact, it’s not always like that. While it may seem that detergent can keep clothes clean, using too much detergent can also be bad for your washing machine. Therefore, make sure to always follow the instructions for using the correct detergent on the packaging because you have to measure the detergent usage correctly. If necessary, use measurements for more precise measurements. Because, using too much detergent in addition to damaging fabrics & clothes, can also reduce the ability of your washing machine to clean clothes. Therefore, tips on caring for this one washing machine are important for you to apply correctly.

3. Clean Filter

The next washing machine care tip is to clean the filter. In order for your washing machine to last longer and keep your laundry clean, you must be diligent in cleaning the filter on your washing machine drum at least every 2 days. By doing this, you are helping to keep your tub clean while keeping the clothes you are washing from dirt trapped in the filter.

4. Don’t leave clothes too long in the washing machine

Often you do other activities while washing, so you only leave the clothes you wash in the washing machine. It’s best to avoid things like this because if you just leave your clothes in the washing machine, either wet or dry for a long time, a bad smell will start to come out of your clothes. If that’s the case, then inevitably you have to re-wash your clothes so that the smell goes away. In addition to wasting time and effort, you will also waste water and detergent. So, when washing, pay close attention to the division of time.

5. Don’t use the same settings for all types of clothes

Each garment must have a different washing setting, because each type of clothing you wash requires a different type of setting. It’s easier to use the regular or automatic settings on your washing machine to wash most clothes, but the best washing machines are designed to suit your type of clothing. For example setting hot water, quick rinse, high temperature, and other settings. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you adjust the washing settings to the type of clothes you are going to wash so that the clothes can be washed optimally and your washing machine will last longer.