Web Development Trends in 2021 that Website Owners Must Know

Web Development Trends in 2021 that Website Owners Must Know

Web development trends in 2021 need to be well known by business owners and web developers. Before welcoming the new year, businesses must prepare their websites to be ready to compete with their competitors. There are new technological innovations that are so important to implement so that consumers are more loyal to the business you have and the profits can be doubled. The following are web development trends that you must know:

1. Single-page website

Single-page websites will be one of the main web development trends in 2021. Single-page websites do not require page reloading when used. That way, users can minimize waiting time when they want to view existing content. In addition to a better user experience, users can also save bandwidth so that the site can still run smoothly even if accessed with a slow connection. The most popular frameworks used for single-page websites or applications are React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Meteor, and Backbone.js. Some examples of sites that have used single-page at this time are Google, Twitter, and Trello.

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence as a web development trend will be in great demand in 2021. In recent years, more and more sites have used it. The AI market is expected to grow to a value of 190.61 US dollars by 2025. Artificial intelligence can make user personalization easier. Personalization is important to be able to display content that is most suitable for users so that engagement can be higher. On sites like e-commerce, purchases can happen more often if you use AI.

3. Progressive web application

Progressive web applications are a trend that businesses need to consider in 2021 if they don’t want to be left behind in the field of web development. A cross-country IT service, progressive web application is a technology that offers many features such as offline mode, responsive web, interactive web, and others. With progressive web applications, sites and applications can be faster, more responsive, and look like applications. Again, Twitter for the web is a good example. To apply this technology, you can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

4. Voice search

All devices now have the ability to hear us. Therefore, voice search is expected to become a trend that is also used in web development in 2021. Voice search can be used to make it easier for us to use a device. With just a voice, your device can immediately carry out a task that was ordered.

5. Chatbot

By now you must have found it on websites. Chatbots are automated communication solutions that will become more and more widely used. By using chatbots, web managers or business owners can cut the costs needed to hire humans. As artificial intelligence is getting smarter, chatbots are getting more sophisticated. Chatbots will be increasingly able to solve problems experienced by customers on a site so that customer service is getting better and customer satisfaction is also increasing.

6. WebAssembly

Because websites are demanded to be faster, WebAssembly is believed to be a web development trend in 2021. The reason is, WebAssembly is a technology that can compile any programming language code into bytecode that is run in the browser. That way, the speed of code execution will be faster.