Web Development Trends to Maintain User Convenience

Web Development Trends to Maintain User Convenience

For activists in the world of programming and web developers, it is mandatory to know the trend of web development in 2022. Because these new modes are needed so that the quality of the company’s website can beat those of the competitors. New web development innovations and trends are also needed so that users are more loyal to the content and features provided by the company’s website.

1. Utilize Web Assembly

The web development trend that developers need to know is the increasing use of Web Assembly. For those of you who don’t know, Web Assembly is a solution for fast code execution in the browser. This device is ideal at the CPU performance level and is considered to be faster than JavaScript. The demand for Web Assembly shows an increase in the market, with increasingly higher device performance requirements. This is true because the solutions he offers are quite universal and applicable to PCs and mobile devices.

2. Dark mode is getting more and more popular

The next web development trend is dark mode on websites. This suits the needs of many users, where they spend an average of 7 hours a day online, and 4 of them are spent using smartphones. Most of this time falls in the evening, when you are tired of the design of websites and work applications. Dark mode itself is a solution that can ease the work of the eye when scrolling on a website. Not only that, this design is also more friendly to the user’s device battery.

3. Chat bots for customers

This technology has actually been in fashion for a long time. However, it is trending again as customers expect more convenience from websites. According to Merehead, chat bots are the best solution for customer relations needs on the site. He can receive, filter, and answer all customer complaints quickly. This engagement will also ensure high site rankings and simplify the user experience.

4. Accelerated mobile pages

AMP technology is one of the technologies that is becoming fashionable in the world of web development. The idea of this trend is to provide users with a seamless page access experience to keep them connected to the site. AMP itself is a website page that has been optimized to operate quickly and has a comfortable design. With AMP, every page on the site becomes more mobile-friendly and quality improves drastically.

5. Cyber security optimization

Optimization of cyber security on the site is predicted to become a web development trend. The risk of cyber security threats is increasing with the emergence of technology and dependence on technology. Customers have seen this emerging threat and want the company to implement strict cyber security measures to keep their personal information safe. This is especially true in the healthcare, retail and financial industries where customers’ sensitive and personal information is stored.