Website Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Website Maintenance Tips For Beginners

The role and function of a website for business people is very important, because by using a website, products and services can be introduced throughout Indonesia. However, there are also many business actors who still underestimate how to maintain a website. So what happens is data on the website is lost due to virus attacks and hackers. Maintaining a website is actually not a difficult thing, especially if you have basic IT. Meanwhile, if you don’t have basic IT, you can contact a website maintenance service that has been proven professional and also trusted.

How to Maintain a Website for Beginners

Maintaining a website is not easy. However, these activities must be carried out regularly in order to optimize the appearance and content of a website.

Maintain the Website, Update Content

Usually it occurs not to need to update content because there are no new products or services that will be promoted. However, the content posted on website pages will provide information to visitors. So, if you never update content, visitors will think that your website is no longer active. In addition, this is also considered effective for increasing traffic, and also for maintaining customer trust in the business you are running.

In a website, there is definitely content which is often referred to as content. So, in order for the website to look more professional, it is important for you to always update the content of the website regularly. You also have to present quality article content. With the content of the article, later you can enter persuasive sentences that make people interested in your product or service. By updating the content of the website, you will indirectly help increase your website traffic.

Maintain the Website, Perform Display Updates

If you are easily bored with something, then maintenance activities will not be difficult. Within a week or once a month, you can update the appearance of the site. You can use different themes, the goal is to get viewers interested in visiting your site. But if you are sure of the appearance of your website, don’t make changes too often. You also have to make sure any changes in appearance are suitable for your needs at that time. Try to always update the display on a scheduled basis, so that later visitors won’t get bored seeing it. Usually in creating a website display concept, try to adjust it to the characteristics of the company. So that indirectly your company website will always be remembered and can increase brand awareness.

Maintain the Website, Back Up Data

The next way to take care of the website is to back up data. Because in fact, we will not know when a virus or hacker attack can appear and result in disrupting the confidentiality of company data. Of course, by doing maintenance, you can reduce the risk of data loss or data theft which is usually done by hackers. The importance of backing up data is to prevent data loss on a website. So that if at any time an error occurs on the server, the data on the website will not be lost and recovery can be done.

Maintaining the Website, Monitoring Website Statistics

Usually, while maintaining the website, you are not only adding the latest content, but also monitoring the website statistics. This method is of course very effective for monitoring the number of viewers who enter the pages of your site. Is it considered as expected or not. If the number of viewers is not what you expect, do site development by trying to find new ideas that are far more unique.

A website that must be optimized using SEO must be maintained in the right way. A healthy and good website is a website that has good statistics and traffic. So that on a regular basis, you really have to monitor your website statistics so you can find out how it is progressing. Not only that, website statistical monitoring will also protect the website from various unwanted things, for example an error occurs.

Maintaining Website, Adding attractive new features

Actually, there are several features that have just been released by the website platform that you are using. The goal is to help optimize the appearance of the website, for example, such as adding chat facilities, direct incoming messages to WA and so on. Adding interesting features can make your website look always existent and also full of visitors.

Maintain the Website, Do not Use Photos or Illegal Content

You are advised not to use photos taken from Google only for the purposes of the content on your website. This is very important because your website will be very risky to be blocked and will never pass verification from Google Ads or Google Adwords. You must use your own original photos or you can download them on free stock photo sites such as, for example, Pixabay, Unspalsh or Pexels.

Avoid Installing Free Plugins

You are also advised not to install free plugins that come from the default wordpress dashboard. Because it will result in your website being exposed to spam or malware which can be said to be very dangerous. So, you can also directly consult your developer if you are going to install a plugin on the website.

Perform a Virus Scan from the c Panel

Some modern hosting is usually equipped with a tool known as a virus scanner. You can also find it on your cPanel hosting website. With just a click of capital, this feature will be able to immediately scan for viruses that are on your website. Not only that, because it can also delete viruses immediately if they are found. Perform virus scans at least once a week at regular intervals.

Don’t create Spam Backlinks

Do not leave too many links in the comments column on the lin website. Because this method can be said to be very outdated and especially hated by Google. Later your website will be considered spam and can be removed from Google forever.

Update Plugins, Themes and Core on the Website

Usually there will be notifications to update plugins, themes and core wordpress that are already on the website dashboard. You can try to click directly on update. If it has been out of date for too long (it hasn’t been updated for too long), plugins and themes on your website can be considered spam by hosting and Google. If you have trouble, you can contact your website developer directly. Because not all plugins or themes can be updated themselves from non = developers or someone who is new to websites.

You can try some of the tips for caring for the website above. Hopefully, applying this method can make the number of viewers on your website continue to grow and will indirectly affect your sales traffic. If you have questions about the internet or the world of online marketing, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the IDWebhost blog so you don’t miss any other interesting info.