Why Choose Iphone Rather Than Android

Why Choose Iphone Rather Than Android

Which is better between iPhone and Android smartphones? iPhone and Android are very often compared. Some say it’s better to buy an iPhone than an Android Smartphone, some say it’s better to buy an Android smartphone than an iPhone. It’s really up to you which one you want to buy. It is very normal for you to get various comparisons of these comments.

So, since you are on the MacPoin portal, we want to share data on why you should buy an iPhone compared to an Android smartphone. At least this can help those of you who are still unsure about buying an iPhone or other iOS devices. Okay, let’s get straight to the point here are 11 alibis it’s better to buy an iPhone than an Android smartphone.


iOS Update Is Better Than Android

Who doesn’t want to move on? Apart from moving on from your ex, you also have to move on quickly to always keep track of technological developments. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay on top of technological developments is to download and install the latest app updates. The cost is also free. But not everyone can enjoy the update application. A very easy example is this Android operating system. Even though it is indeed an open source operating system, it seems that users cannot find it easy to update Android. The policies adopted by each vendor are clearly different.

Try to compare with iOS. Even though closed source alias is not open source, its users can always get regular iOS updates. iPhone 5, which is 4 years old, can still run the latest iOS 10. So for users, it doesn’t matter whether an OS is open source or not as long as the OS is always updated and not outdated.


App Store Exclusive App

Not only Apple applications, there are also exclusive applications that are only available in the App Store. That is, the application can only be downloaded if you are using iOS. There are tons of exclusive iOS apps that you certainly won’t find on Android. Not only in the Play Store, but in all Android application stores outside of Google, they also don’t provide specific applications. Call it the game Infinity Blade. This game has released the Infinity Blade trilogy series from series I to series III. The funny thing is, none of these series have been released to the Android Platform. Of course this is something of an advantage for the iOS ecosystem as well as the App Store.

However, there are also many App Store exclusive applications that eventually fail and eventually release applications for the Android Platform. An example is Instagram. It took several years for Instagram to release their application to the Android Platform.


iPhone iOS performance is better than Android

Be honest, how much do you know about the processor, RAM memory, and graphics skills when deciding to buy a smartphone? For iPhone users, you don’t need to think that much. Why? Because the performance capabilities of the iPhone have been decidedly good. You no longer need to think hard about specifications.

In contrast to Android smartphones, each vendor always has different hardware standards. Specifications are also clearly different. Never mind the hardware, the Android operating system for each vendor is also different. Lots of hardware standards and exact specifications also have a very different effect on performance. It is possible that a smartphone with higher specifications may not perform better than a smartphone with lower specifications.


iPhone Design

Who says that the iPhone design is just the same when compared to the Android smartphone design. Those who say that the iPhone design is just that, means you are right. Indeed, the design of the iPhone is very simple and there are almost no significant changes in each of the latest series. However, with a design that is fairly similar, it makes the iPhone easy to recognize because the iPhone design is very simple but still beautiful.

The front design of the iPhone only presents a very “standard” appearance. Only the screen, one Home button, sensors, front camera and earpiece for telephone conversations. While on the back there is only a camera, flash, and the Apple logo. On the right and left, only a few buttons are available. It’s no wonder that an iPhone case can be used on another iPhone. For example, iPhone 5 and 5S cases are compatible with each other.

In stark contrast to the design of Android smartphones that vary according to the tastes of the maker. The Android smartphone design is also much busier and livelier, very different from the iPhone design which is the same and practically has no significant development.

Of course the simple design clearly contains its own value. If the iPhone’s simple design is so boring and ugly, why do so many manufacturers copy iPhone designs? We can take a look at Google’s latest product, the Google Pixel, which is very similar to the iPhone in some parts of its design.


Uniform, Simple, and Easy to Use

iPhone can be said to already have its own standards. That means, one iPhone from another will not really differ much. Starting from the iOS operating system to the iPhone design. For those of you who, for example, want to change from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus, you don’t need to learn much to use an iPhone anymore because the operating system on all iPhones is the same. Likewise with the design of the iPhone which is not much different.

Unlike the Android smartphone that has a different shape and appearance. The Android operating system from one vendor to another is not the same in terms of User Interface and User Experience. Not necessarily those of you who are already proficient with Android from a Samsung brand smartphone can directly match Android from a Xiaomi brand smartphone.


Better Apple Support

For those of you who have never seen the Apple Indonesia website, it’s better if you try to open it now. Try to compare it with websites from various Android smartphone vendors. So complete is the Apple website which is dedicated to users and potential users of Apple products. starting from product information, where the product is sold, guides, to troubleshooting, everything is very complete. It’s rare for an Android smartphone to want to create a website as complete as this. Even most Android vendor websites are dedicated to sales only. For information and other support, still lacking. If the web support page is very complete, it will obviously attract more potential buyers.

In addition, Apple in several developed countries has also provided support to meet directly with Apple representatives. They are Genius Bar, people who are directly trained by Apple to provide maximum service support. All you have to do is make an appointment and come to the Apple Store. In Indonesia itself, even though there is no Genius Bar, several Apple Premium Resellers provide support services that are not inferior to the Genius Bar.


iPhone vs Android Community Support

The iPhone community is a very active one in the world. Starting from the usual community for sharing information, education community, programming community, photography community, and other communities. They often hold events and competitions according to the community. These communities are also not only on a local or national scale, but many are international. In Indonesia, perhaps the most famous is the iPhone photography community.

Meanwhile, the Android community is very rare which can cover all types of Android from various types of smartphones. Usually some communities are only for certain users. For example the Oppo community or the Xiaomi community.


Prestige iPhone vs Android

This one doesn’t need to be discussed further. iPhone users are dominated by the upper class and only certain groups. different from Android which can be owned by all circles. Of course you can use this to increase prestige in society. Who says you have to buy the most expensive and newest iPhone. Just buy a decent iPhone and your status has gone up hehehe. The best and cheapest iPhone right now is the iPhone 5S. Apart from being supported by iOS 10, the iPhone 5S is also armed with specifications that are still suitable for use today. If you want to sell your iPhone someday, then you won’t experience too much of a selling price difference. The selling price of the iPhone is still quite high in the market. Even the current iPhone 5S can still be valued at IDR 3.5 million for used prices. Compare the new price which is “only” 4 million. Very small difference right?

This is very inversely proportional to the selling price of an Android smartphone which is very uncertain. The purchase price is 5 million, it could be in a few months only 2 million according to market prices. This depends on what the smartphone market conditions are like. You can see that it is clearly much more profitable to buy an iPhone than an Android smartphone.

So that’s a little information about several reasons why buying an iPhone is better than buying an Android smartphone. Which one would you choose, and why did you choose? Is iPhone better than Android Smartphone?