Why Does a Website Require Maintenance?

Why Does a Website Require Maintenance?

A website, if likened to, is an office that is formed from a building, design, security and maintenance or cleanliness. Therefore a website must be maintained. Website maintenance is an activity designed to keep the website running smoothly, information and systems are up-to-date, security is maintained and ensuring the site continues to function properly. But is website maintenance necessary? The website definitely requires maintenance. The following are some reasons why websites must be maintained:

Google is more selective in displaying search results


The more content in the Google search engine, the more stringent the search content selection. Only websites that are considered quality will occupy the first page. The quality in question is technically presentation and content, it is not enough just to add or update content. SEO also plays an important role so that your website is recognized by Google.

Users need up-to-date information

Today’s users are getting smarter in choosing, and if your website’s content is not updated, it will make the website’s credibility doubtful. To convince your consumers to be interested in what you are selling, of course you have to update your content.

Increasing Virus and Hacker attacks

Hacker attacks are increasing, so security must also be improved so that important data on our website remains safe. Controlling the existence of intruders is very important, lest they enter our system and steal important data contained on our website.

The appearance of the website requires changes

The appearance of the website is like the front office of a shop that requires changes according to the current situation. Such as banners, promos and things related to your sales. Changing the appearance of the website is one of the things needed so that the appearance of the website is not boring.

Hosting Care

Like electronic devices, hosting requires monitoring and maintenance. All visitor activity on your website can cause hosting to have high CPU usage, so that it can make website pages very slow when opened, or worse, your hosting will be suspended unilaterally by the hosting provider.