Why is the Logo Meaningful? Here are 5 alibis that can be reasoned with simple ideas

Why is Logo Very Important For Your Business?

Why is the Logo Meaningful? The logo is no longer a trivial matter anymore, even though the shape is simple, it has many benefits. An easy example is when there are 2 shoes, Shoe A with the Nike logo and Shoe B with the Ekin logo, which one do you choose? In reality, the difference between a good brand and a cheap brand is the logo. Meaning A logo has a significant meaning to customers because it has the impression associated with the industry.

A logo is something that is almost always present in every product issued by the industry. There are many forms and types of a logo. From using writing to using certain forms such as houses, fruits, and others. Logos are one of the industry’s ways to mark their products and differentiate their products from competitors. Peters (1999) said that a logo is a brand element, a logo can be interpreted as a graphic representation or image that evokes memories from the target brand.

1. Logo Easier to get attention

Logos can quickly grab the attention of an audience and communicate core industry values in an engaging way. Especially on a website where the attention span is very short, which is less than 3 seconds. It is this short attention span that causes consumers to consider your business from its appearance.

2. Logos Make a Strong Initial Impression

The logo is the initial introduction of the industry to consumers. If well designed, it can spark public interest and invite them to learn more about the industry. This initial impression is your way of quickly communicating ownership of the product you are selling or the service you are offering.

3. Logo is your brand identity

Successful branding is all about telling a story that will strike a chord in customers’ emotions plain and simple. And, while it is true that logo design is only part of an industry brand, it serves as the foundation for the entire story in which that brand is created.

The color, shape, font all of this defines the story you want to tell, and your logo sets the stage for this story. These elements will eventually be translated from your logo onto all your branding materials – message heads, business cards, websites, advertising etc– which will create a real brand identity for your industry.

4. Logo Makes An Impression About Your Industry

Logos are identification points, they are symbols customers use to identify your brand. Ideally, you want people to directly associate your logo with memories of what your industry does – and, more importantly, how they feel.

Since a good logo is a visual, aesthetically pleasing element, it stimulates positive memories about your brand. Even so, the reality is that some audiences will probably forget your business name (no offense– that’s human nature), but they’ll quickly associate your logo with their memories of your brand.

5. Logo Separates You from Competitors

Your industrial logo tells consumers why your business is unique. For example, there may be 50 other coffee shops in your city, but you are the only one who is committed to continuous service and your green and earthy logo pushes the message through.

A well-designed business logo can communicate everything from a company’s background (reliable, casual, fun) to their mission (entertainment, efficiency, and innovation) through the right icon or the right font. In other words, your logo is a forum for conveying your values and showing consumers that your business is better.

Those are some of the things that describe Why the Logo Matters? Are you ready to have a cool, reliable and unique logo??? We are ready to help you