5 Tips for Caring for Bluetooth Headphones to Last Long

5 Tips for Caring for Bluetooth Headphones to Last Long

Bluetooth headphones are cellphone accessories that make it easier for you to listen to music and radio. The advantage of these headphones is that there are no cables, so they are more practical to use for a rather long distance. The price of this electronics is quite affordable. The following are some of the ways to take care of bluetooth headphones so that they last longer.

1. Clean with a Tissue

Do not clean these headphones with a damp cloth, for fear that water will leak and damage them. The price of these electronics is quite affordable, but you certainly have to treat them with care. Clean the headphones with a dry tissue or wipe with a flannel cloth. For the part of the headphones where the sound is emitted, clean it with cotton buds, but don’t wet it with water. Instead, put some rubbing alcohol on the cotton buds, then clean the tiny holes thoroughly. That way, the sound coming out of the headphones will remain clear and loud.

2. Keep away from water

Bluetooth headphones differ from ordinary headphones, in that there is a battery in them. You should not wear it while bathing or swimming. Even when it rains, wrap it in plastic and store it in a bag. Be careful when you listen to music while drinking, don’t let the water touch your headphones. Because water droplets will damage electronics. So, keep the headphones away from any sources of water.

3. Don’t Charge For Too Long

When you charge or charge headphones, don’t leave them on overnight. Headphones and other electronic items that are overloaded will quickly break down. The ideal time to charge it the first time you buy it is 90 to 120 minutes. Furthermore, it only takes you 60 minutes to charge it. We recommend charging bluetooth headphones when they are off. When finished, immediately unplug the headphones and store them when not in use.

4. Save in Box

When you’re not wearing bluetooth headphones, keep them in a box. You can store it in an eyeglass case or a bag made of flannel. When going to bed, remove the headphones from the ears and store them on the dresser. Do not let you fall asleep and accidentally put the headphones on, because it will damage it quickly.

5. Keep away from children

If you have toddler-aged nieces and nephews, don’t wear bluetooth headphones in front of them. They can snatch it, even slam it. Your bluetooth headphones will quickly break. So, keep the headphones in a box and then put them in the closet when there are small children. When caring for bluetooth headphones, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Simply store in a dry box or bag, and tuck in the cupboard if necessary. Do not place it carelessly, because your headphones can be accidentally dropped.