5 Website Design Mistakes That Can Be Harmful

5 Website Design Mistakes That Can Be Harmful

Website design is the first thing people who visit your site for business purposes will see and judge. When looking at the site he visited, it looks unconvincing in its first appearance. Automatically the views of prospective customers will also be immediately affected and assume that the business you are running is not guaranteed enough because of bad design. As important as the look and design of everything can influence your customer’s buying decision, so don’t underestimate the design of the site where you share with your customers and sell. The convenience and ease of using the site can significantly increase sales for your business. Here are some website design mistakes you should avoid.

Outdated website design and structure

Website Design

If you don’t pay attention to the latest trends in site design and flow, you can make incoming customers switch to your rivals who have trendy sites. Website that always keep up with the times will usually experience design adjustments every two to three years.

Uninviting copy writing

Site language that is unattractive, monotonous and seems clumsy can be a site design that keeps sales away. The words on your website should not tell a story about the advantages of your business, but should prioritize the interests of your target market. The right words should make site visitors feel their needs and problems get solutions.

Missing contact information

Without contact information in the form of telephone numbers, emails and addresses, you will lose credibility so that potential customers can move to other sites with complete information. The existence of contacts who can be contacted also makes customers feel that your business is real and is run by real people.

Unupdated content

Apart from choosing words on sites that are not interesting, content that is not updated regularly will also cause your business to stagnate over time in terms of site access and relevance to customers who come to your site. If you don’t have additional pages that can increase traffic in the form of blog pages or news updates, then you need to add them to become a new door for updating content and inviting traffic before customers browse the products and services you offer and make decisions based on the value obtained.

Slow website loading

Sites that are not easily accessible because they are heavy and do not adjust to visitors who browse via their smartphones can make potential customers immediately bounce and exit your site pages because they spend too long to be able to access what you offer. Check and test your site to improve the user experience, and provide the best experience for visitors to make conversions easier.