6 Best Video Editing Apps

6 Best Video Editing Apps

On this occasion I will explain and discuss about 6 multimedia editing applications that are more precise towards video editing. As the name implies, video editing is where we create or add an object into a combination of several images or videos. In the world of video editing, we definitely need an application/software to edit videos.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a non-linear editor (NLE) based video editing program from Adobe Systems. By using this software the results will not disappoint if you are already agile using this software. Adobe Premiere Pro is the best film editing and video editing software and is the video processing program of choice for professionals, especially those who like to experiment. This program is widely used by companies making film / soap operas, broadcasting, and television. Because in addition to its simple appearance, it is easy to use and full of extraordinary tools and effects. Currently, the latest versions of this software are Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Dobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. This software is a video editor for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

2. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a software product developed by Adobe, which is often used for film production and post production on other videos. At first, Adobe After Effects was a software product from Macromedia which has now become one of Adobe’s products.

Adobe After Effects is one of the most reliable and super design software. Besides that, making animations with Adobe After Effects, can also be done by just typing some script code which is usually called Expression to produce more dynamic movements. But Adobe After Effects is not used for full video editing, but only for certain parts. Why is that? Yes, because this software is actually dedicated to creating effects in a piece of video which will later be compiled into a film. If you have seen a film that uses explosive effects or gunfight combat, all of that is helped by this software. But the result after rendering in Adobe After Effects is quite large. Now the latest version of Adobe After Effects is Adobe After Effects CS 6 or Adobe After Effects CC 2017.

3. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing software package for non-linear editing (NLE) which was originally published by Sonic Foundry, but has now been recognized and run by Sony Creative Software. This software features real-time multitrack video and audio editing on unlimited tracks. Sony vegas itself is one of the free video editing software for Windows XP (for the old version) and for version 12 only for 64-bit only. Version 13 and most recently is 14 dropping support for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

This Sony Vegas Pro does not require any special hardware to run properly, allowing it to operate on almost any standard Windows computer on a wide range of hardware. Then this software is also unlike other editors, Sony Vegas Pro supports scripting technology which provides task automation, simplified workflow, and greater efficiency and productivity. Free and paid pre-written scripts are available from the Vegas community on the web. So Sony Vegas Pro is known as a powerful, yet beginner-friendly video editing program.

4. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac are software created and published by TechSmith, where the functionality of this software is used to create video tutorials and presentations live via screencast, or through live recording plug-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint. The screen area to be recorded can be freely selected, and audio or multimedia recordings can be recorded at the same time or added separately from other sources and integrated into the product’s Camtasia Studio component. Both versions of Camtasia initiated screen capture enhancement programs and have evolved to integrate screen capture and post-processing equipment targeted for the multimedia education and information development market. Many versions have been released by TechSmith, and the latest one is Camtasia Studio 9 which remains a lightweight video editing software. Camtasia Studio is of course paid, but they provide a trial version and you can try it before buying the license.

5. Windows Movie Maker

For the latter, it must be familiar to all of you, namely Windows Movie Maker. In the past, when I used Windows XP, this Movie Maker software had become the default for Windows XP, friend. But for windows vista and above I don’t know hehehe. So this software is very legendary, because besides being free, this software also has a lot of audio and video effects.

Windows Movie Maker, if described in general terms, is software that is part of Windows Live Essentials 2011. The main function of this program is to perform digital processing of moving image footage (movies). So my friend can download this free video editing software on the official website without a license.

6. Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor is a video editor software where you can create a movie from several videos that you take using a smartphone, digital camera or camcorder easily. You can also choose the ratio you want to use between 16:9 or 4:3. The screen provided also includes a file manager, timeline, and preview window. When you insert a video, image or audio file it will automatically be moved to the timeline where you can choose to trim, cut, split, rotate, set fade in or out, speed, and more.
Wondershare Video Editor also has various effects and filters that you can use, and you can export the results to several formats for certain devices or in high quality such as DVD, you can even share directly on YouTube.