Benefits and Functions of Developing a Personnel Management System

Benefits and Functions of Developing a Personnel Management System

Human resources are the most important part in carrying out the functions and duties of an agency, company or university. The essential function of human resource management is to ensure that the organization can achieve its strategic goals by having human resources who can be relied on to meet the needs of agencies in quantity and quality. Managing aspects of human resource management in an agency or company can be managed and implemented optimally, conventional management is no longer effective and efficient at this time. To meet these needs, it is necessary to develop an existing personnel management information system.

Personnel Management Information System is a management information system that functions to manage data, management and personnel administration of an agency, college or company. Personnel SIM is the right solution for an agency, company or university in overcoming personnel management problems.

The purpose of implementing the Personnel MIS is the realization of a management information system that is integrated into a computer network capable of producing quality information to support personnel management decision making in the agency environment. This activity also supports business processes and the continuity of an agency, company, or college. Therefore, the commitment of an agency to run a Management Information System must be very high so that the processes that occur on the production floor are profitable for users.

Benefits of personnel management information systems, among others;

  1. Get information about the condition of employees (Personnel Profile) that is fast and accurate
  2. Reports can be easily done.
  3. Knowing employees who will be promoted and who will receive regular salary increases
  4. Facilitate a job related to employment such as employee credit numbers
  5. Can plan the deployment (mutation) of employees according to education and competence
  6. Planning Employee Needs (Employee Needs Balance)
  7. Facilitate monitoring of leave allowances
  8. Make it easy to manage workloads for employees
  9. Make it easy for employee attendance and payroll
  10. And facilitate the recruitment of employees

The functions of the personnel management information system, among others;

  1. Increase the accessibility of data presented in a timely and accurate manner
  2. Creating up-to-date and integrated personnel data.
  3. Ensuring the availability of quality and human resource skills
  4. Develop an effective planning process.
  5. Improve the productivity of human resources in the company
  6. Provide accurate employee information for planning, development, welfare and employee control
  7. Helping the smooth running of work in the field of employment, especially in making reports

If your agency uses the Personnel SIM developed you will definitely get many benefits and many features available, and additional features that you want to customize. Here are some of those features;

The features of the Human Resources SIM that  has developed include;

Employee Data Features

Employee Data Feature, displays all detailed data (personal data, family, educational history, rank history, academic position history, structural position history, research history, community service history, awards, certificates, training, institutional assignments and so on). In this feature, every employee can insert / edit data and then it is validated by the staffing department.

Leave Application Features

Leave Submission Feature, each employee can apply for leave online, then an approval process will be carried out by the superior in the form of an email notification and then validated by the staffing department.

Feature Increase Periodically

The Periodic Increase Feature, the system will carry out an automatic process of checking and submitting periodic promotions and employee salaries.

Employee Performance Appraisal Fitu

Employee Performance Appraisal Features, the assessment process contained in the Personnel SIM that was developed is Employee Performance Targets (SKP). However, sometimes each institution has a specific employee performance appraisal process so that in this feature it is necessary to adjust the flow of the employee performance appraisal process according to the existing institution.

Employee Presence Features

Employee Attendance feature, is a facility to display employee attendance lists either every day or a recap per month. This feature is also equipped with a data retrieval process from Presence machines such as Fingerprint Machines, Handkeys and so on.

Employee Recruitment Features

Employee Recruitment Feature, each work unit can open job vacancies according to the required criteria. Applicants who apply can then go through the employee selection process starting from the administrative process, psychological test until being appointed as a new employee.

Payroll / payroll feature

Payroll feature, this feature is a very useful feature for institutions to do payroll management. In this feature, there is a process for calculating salary components such as basic salary, allowances, overtime, honorarium, deductions, loans and taxes.

Employee Credit Score Feature

Credit Score feature, records employee credit numbers. This feature is also equipped with a simulation facility for calculating the value per period.

Employee Workload Features

Employee Workload Feature, employees input the employee workload rubric then an assessment is carried out.