Benefits of AI Technology for the Future of Online Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to influence online marketing trends in the future. AI technology, which is designed as a system capable of simulating human intelligence, is currently a hot topic of conversation among business people.

AI technology embedded in the computer system allows users to carry out various commands without having to come into contact with certain devices. The ability to imitate the way of thinking and acting like humans in AI, makes it easier for business people to determine marketing strategies, to analyze competitors.

Google Voice, for example, the AI ​​technology applied to the Google algorithm is able to recognize and read commands by voice. Through this technology, you can utter orders to find business references, marketing strategies that suit your business, and even analyze emerging trends.

Just imagine, when you want to find information on a product, you just have to say it, then Google Voice will bring up the related information you want.

Apart from Google Voice, Google also makes artificial intelligence to recognize images. You can use a technology called Google Lens to examine images. Through a cellphone camera, you can identify information on an image object, such as the brand, company, or name of the object. You can even change the language as you wish.

In Indonesia itself, the increasing number of smartphone users also affects the use of AI. The example most often used is predictions on the Google search engine. Whether you realize it or not, when you type a keyword into a search engine, Google automatically provides a reference or prediction in the form of other keywords.

For example, if you type the keyword “Beli Handphone”, Google will also include derivative keywords, for example, “Buy Cheap Mobile, Buy Latest Mobile, Buy Android Mobile” and so on. The technology for predicting this search is called artificial intelligence.

AI Technology For Business

Basically, AI technology was created to make it easier for humans. This system is designed to solve problems more quickly, accurately, and effectively in taking orders. The following are the advantages of artificial intelligence:

  • Analyze

From a business point of view, artificial intelligence certainly makes work easier. The analytical ability embedded in AI is certainly able to speed up work. As explained above, AI can also be used to predict sales, developing trends, and even your business target market, so you can prepare the right marketing strategy for your business.

  • Processing Big Data

Big data is a term to describe the amount of data that is scattered on the internet. Simply put, you must have felt that every time you access some information, then similar information will appear that keeps flooding your online searches.

Instagram for example, this platform provides a lot of data that is generated from the activities of its users. The algorithm applied by Instagram will automatically suggest similar content that you often see. The content you see will affect other content appearing on search pages, even the ads that appear are in accordance with the content you are looking for on Instagram.

The ability to process big data is very useful for business people to determine their target market. You can see various references and business content that are presented, which ultimately makes it easier for you to make decisions about your business strategy.

AI technology on Instagram will collect data from your activities, which then produces content that suits your interests and hobbies. For example, if you are a coffee fan, when you see content about a coffee shop or coffee menu, for example, Instagram automatically displays a coffee-related display on your IG page.

  • Auto Fix

This feature that is able to fix a document accurately, helps minimize errors in writing a document. If you use a document repair application, there is an AI feature that shows you the right word suggestions to replace the wrong words.

  • Minimizing Human Power

Because it is a system, AI is immortal. When it comes to human power, AI can be used whenever and wherever you want. From a business point of view, the use of AI technology will be profitable because it is more cost effective. Employing a human may be quite costly, besides, humans can stop at any time. Meanwhile AI will always exist, is permanent, and can be used over and over again.

AI technology in E-Commerce

Discussing online marketing, of course, cannot be separated from E-Commerce. Along with its development, e-commerce has adopted so many AI technologies. One of them is the Chatbot feature.

What is a Chatbot?

For those of you who like to shop online, of course, have asked for product information on the e-commerce platform. However, if the product provider status is not online when you ask for information, you will get an automatic reply.

Chatbots are made to serve conversations in an objective and responsive manner. For businesses, this feature is useful to replace the role of customer service. Chatbot is in the form of an application that can be used at any time. Of course, the presence of this feature can reduce costs incurred by a company to hire a customer service.

AI message answering technology can also be used to reply to emails. The AI ​​system will analyze the words used to provide relevant answers.

AI’s analytical capabilities can be used to predict sales through growing trends and consumer behavior data. AI is even capable of offering products to potential visitors. Because it is based on big data, AI is able to observe visitors’ personal data, demographics, search history, and even visitor preferences.

So do not be surprised, if you often find information that matches your interests and preferences. For example, you are looking for information about cell phones, then the advertisements that appear on e-commerce platforms direct you to cellphone products. This capability certainly makes it easier for you to determine the target market that suits the business you offer.

AI For Banking

In the banking world, the concept of the everyday bank is currently developing. This concept is applied to analyze customer behavior towards banking needs and transactions.

Banks want to get to know their customers personally. The use of AI allows banks to obtain data in the form of consumer behavior, tastes, and even consumer lifestyles. Through this data, banks will issue products according to consumer interests and preferences.

Prior to the advent of AI technology, banks often performed manual analyzes using interviews and surveys. This conventional method is certainly time consuming and costly. Artificial intelligence features help banks analyze customer needs in more detail, thus helping banks make the right decisions when launching a product or service.

Application of AI in Everyday Life

Artifficial Intelligence (AI) has now been implemented in various devices, one of which is smartphones. The following is the application of artificial intelligence to smartphones:

  • Siri

Siri is an example of the most popular AI technology. This feature is a virtual personal assistant that is applied to Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad. Siri can help you find information, get directions, send messages, open apps, and even make voice calls.

  • Tesla

Tesla is an AI feature that is applied to vehicles. This technology allows your vehicle to go without being driven by a human. Tesla is the most advanced car technology to date.

  • Cogito

Cogito is staying as an example of the best AI application. Cogito is used to analyze the human voice and provide answers to questions asked by humans naturally.

  • Netflix

This content-on-demand feature is gaining popularity among filmmakers. Netflix has AI technology that is able to recommend films based on consumer reactions, interests and behavior. The movies that are served by Netflix are adjusted according to your preferences.

  • Pandora

Pandora is artificial intelligence embedded in music services. Pandora is able to analyze 400 musical characteristics. This feature is able to recommend song types based on your track record while accessing Pandora.

  • Drones

Not only used to capture and record images from a height, drones technology has grown rapidly. Today, drones are even capable of delivering a product to a customer’s address. Carrying artificial intelligence, drones are even able to translate the environment into a 3D model via camera sensors.

The use of technology is indeed an absolute requirement for business actors. Innovations will definitely occur in the development of online marketing in the future. Before applying a variety of advanced technologies in business, you are required to build a digital reputation by improving business performance.

A business that applies a digital marketing strategy must have a high level of visibility. Therefore, getting to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques must also be a consideration for business people.

Businesses that cannot be found in digital search are more likely to fail. SEO techniques can help your business win the competition by ranking top on digital search.

Today, consumers tend to do digital research before deciding to buy a product. A business that ranks first on Google’s search listings is more likely to be found by potential consumers.