Causes of Damaged Scanners Can’t Scan Must be Overcome

Causes of Damaged Scanners Can’t Scan Must be Overcome

Scanner is one type of tool or device needed to perform various important office work for the benefit of its users. Starting from digitizing important files that have not been in the form of digital files, photocopying important files, and various other office work that needs to be done so that someone can work properly and correctly. Of course the importance of school can also be one of the things that a scanner can help with. Therefore, we need to know what is causing the scanner not scanning so that we can solve the problem of the scanner not scanning faster, or avoiding the problem of the scanner not scanning. The following are some of the reasons the scanner cannot scan.

Driver not installed

One type of problem that can cause a scanner to not work properly is because there are no drivers on your computer or laptop that match the hardware you have. This is of course one of the basic problems that can be solved by installing the appropriate driver for the type of scanner we have. However, in general, this kind of problem is becoming less and less common given that modern operating systems, as well as modern devices, usually have plug-n-play drivers that can detect and install directly if we insert or connect the scanner via the USB port. Even though the drivers are most likely installed, it wouldn’t hurt if we checked again whether the drivers for the scanner were installed, and if they were installed as such, so we can confirm whether there is a driver missing issue or not. Drivers generally tend to have the same features even if different types of scanners and functions.

Faulty Driver

Another cause that is still related to the scanner driver is due to a faulty driver issue. A corrupted driver can occur because when the installation does not work properly, other files required for the driver to work normally are not available in your computer’s system files. Because of this, the scanner you have may not work properly, one of which may not perform the scanning process as you expect. To solve this problem, of course, it is necessary to reinstall with the appropriate drivers so that the required driver files can be owned by your computer’s system files. If the error occurs during the installation process, it’s a good idea to try to remove the previously installed drivers, then reinstall the drivers required by your scanner. Don’t forget to restart after uninstalling.

Wrong port

Apart from some of the issues above, one of the things that could be the problem that causes the scanner to not scan properly and correctly is due to incorrect port registration done during the installation process. This is due to various things, such as miscommunication, program interruptions, bugs, and various other issues that prevent the scanner from detecting the exact input sent by the application or your computer.

Cable is damaged

In addition to the things above, other causes that can make the scanner unable to scan are due to physical causes, which in this case one of them is due to damage to the cable used to connect the scanner to your computer or laptop. . To detect whether your cable is damaged or not, the easiest and surest way is to try using another cable to perform the scanning process. If the scanning process can be carried out, of course this indicates that the scanner that you have can still function properly when the cable is damaged. If the cable is damaged, of course, what you need to do is replace the cable with another new cable and it is proven not to be damaged, as a connecting medium between the scanner and the computer or laptop you are using. These cables are usually inexpensive, but you should make sure beforehand that a faulty scanner cable is the problem and nothing else, in anticipation that you don’t spend too much money but have no impact on the hardware you have.

Cable slot is damaged

Apart from a damaged cable, another thing that could be the reason why the scanner can’t perform a scan is a damaged cable slot. The cable slot in question is where the connector is to connect the scanner to the computer that we have. In other words, this slot is like a USB port that we can use to connect a printer and a laptop or other hardware. If the cable connector slot is damaged, of course the scanner cannot be connected to a laptop or computer. To fix this problem, of course we need to replace the USB cable slot in the scanner or the computer or laptop that we have, depending on which one is damaged. To do this requires special technical skills that require us to understand the problem of soldering a soldering iron. If you don’t have one, it’s best if you ask a repair shop to fix it.

Scan device is broken

In addition to the various problems above, other causes of the scanner not being able to scan can also come from the scanner itself. In a sense, the scanner itself is damaged so it can’t process or perform the scan as expected. Damage to the scanner may include the imaging device, scanner recording device, processor, or other parts that prevent the scanner from performing tasks and functions properly. If your scanner is damaged, of course the best way to fix it is to take it to a repairman so that it can be repaired according to the repairman’s skills. Or if not, you can buy a new scanner to replace the old one that has broken.