Correct Refrigerator Maintenance Method

Correct Refrigerator Maintenance Method

There are many electronic goods in the modern era. As with refrigerators or refrigerators, the cost is quite expensive. It’s a shame, if you have bought a new one but have not maintained it so that the refrigerator will be damaged quickly. The method of maintaining a refrigerator is actually simple and you can easily try it yourself. Here are ways to maintain the refrigerator:

1. Fill the refrigerator with enough food

Fill the refrigerator with food as needed and don’t put too much food in. Especially objects that have more weight such as water bottles, because water bottles have a heavy burden that can damage the container and become damaged if it is too full.

2. Avoid putting drinking water that is still hot

Avoid putting drinking water that is still hot in the refrigerator, because hot water when stored in the refrigerator will create a meeting between hot and cold temperatures and will cause the refrigerator to be damaged. Wait until it’s completely cold and after it’s cold, put the water in the refrigerator.

3. Rinse the Refrigerator Using Water

Rinse the refrigerator using water and mixed with antiseptic soap, because antiseptic soap can remove rusty spots and remove odors from the refrigerator, then use a soft material such as a sponge to clean it until the refrigerator is completely clean of crusty and greasy spots.

4. Refrigerator must be tightly closed

The refrigerator must be tightly closed so that it saves electricity and also makes food and drinks cooler. If the door is closed tightly so that the dirt blown by the wind does not enter the refrigerator and contaminate the food in the refrigerator.

5. Avoid Refrigerator From Heat

Keep the refrigerator away from heat like a stove, because the heat produced by the stove meets cold temperatures in the refrigerator which will cause the refrigerator to be damaged.

6. Give space between the fridge and the wall

Give space between the fridge and the wall or a minimum distance of 15-20 centimeters. Because the condenser is hot there will be gaps and spaces so that the heat that comes out can escape from the condenser if the distance is 15-20 centimeters.

7. Condenser Rinse

Rinse the condenser which is located behind the refrigerator regularly from dust and dirt, because dust and dirt will build up if it is not rinsed and also if you frequently clean the condenser in the refrigerator the hot air dissipation process is not hindered by dirt and dust

8. Get in the habit of sterilizing the freezer section

Make it a habit to sterilize the freezer section that has frozen. Because of this, try so that the temperature of the refrigerator is maintained and do not eat the ice in the freezer with a knife because it can interfere with the coating. and can also cause the refrigerator to leak and also quickly damaged.

9. Set Refrigerator Temperature

Adjust the refrigerator temperature for your needs because if the refrigerator temperature is low, if you store fish or chicken, the refrigerator will stink.

10. If there is a power outage, do not use the refrigerator

If there is a power outage, do not use the refrigerator too often. If the electricity is on, please allow 5 minutes and then turn it on. so that the compressor is actually reset to its initial position because if the electricity is not reset it will damage the refrigerator quickly.