Digital Marketing Trends During a Pandemic

Digital Marketing Trends During a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes in people’s behavior and lifestyle, including business people. If previously they made direct transactions with customers, now this is no longer possible. Nowadays, businessmen are starting to innovate in promoting their products and services. This has given rise to a variety of new technologies to support the needs of the community and create various digital marketing trends during the pandemic. The following are some digital marketing trends during the pandemic:

Social E-commerce

Social E-commerce is a trend that involves buying and selling activities carried out with social media users. Sellers and buyers do not have to interact directly. E-commerce social trends have increased, online shopping activities make it easier for people to continue to buy the products they need without having to violate government policies. The use of social e-commerce has become very effective in bringing together buyers and sellers.

Google Ads Offer

Google has released automated ad bidding that is smart in optimizing ad targets. The system that uses the latest algorithm has the ability to be more selective in choosing ad targets and provide transparent reports. You can use this trend as a promotional option to save time.

Search Engine Optimization

Before the pandemic, the Search Engine Optimization trend had indeed become an icon in digital marketing. Search engine optimization makes it easy for consumers to find the products they want by simply entering keywords. Search engine optimization annually updates the algorithms in search engines.

Use of Video Conferencing

The implementation of social distancing, reduces face-to-face interactions between individuals. This has led to an increase in the need for video conferencing for meetings, school learning activities, meetings, and other social activities. With video conferencing, it can actually open up new communication opportunities between customers and business owners. Video conferencing can lower transportation costs, increase productivity, and can serve as a promotional venue.