Do this so that LED televisions are durable and not easily damaged

Do this so that LED televisions are durable and not easily damaged

In recent years, we have very rarely been able to make tube televisions with convex screens, which are relatively large and thick in appearance. Currently, this is the era of smart televisions, which mostly use LCD or LED technology. LED television has a thin shape with a flat screen and is easy to place anywhere. It’s just that the problem often comes when television is damaged because the costs are expensive. For that, we should know how to make LED TVs durable in use.

In terms of maintenance, old school televisions in the form of tubes are easier to try than LED televisions. In LED TVs, if there is damage, we usually have to replace spare parts at a relatively expensive price, almost equivalent to the money spent when buying a new one. So indeed, as users of this smart television, we must be careful so that no damage occurs. Or you have to spend more money to revise the LED TV. There are several tips that you can follow so that the LED TV is durable and does not break easily. How is the trick, please check below.

Pay attention to the location of the LED television

The thin form of LED TVs does make it easier for us to install them anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they can be arbitrary. Where we place the television will affect its durability. You should place the LED TV in a place that is relatively comfortable and doesn’t fall easily so that unwanted things don’t happen. Choose a flat area to place the LED TV in a position in the middle of the table so that it doesn’t move and fall easily.

Protected from Sunlight

In order for the LED TV to last, find a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight to place it. Sunlight can make the screen on the TV dirty and can also harm the parts inside as a result of radiation. Make sure the LED TV is placed in a place that is protected from direct sunlight so that it can be used longer.

Avoid Magnets

Apart from sunlight, another thing that you should avoid from LED TVs are all items that have magnets. The existence of a magnetic field located near the LED television will interfere with the working of the engine in the television set. If this happens over time it will damage your TV. Examples of items that have magnetic fields, for example, are active speakers, so avoid these items from your LED TV.

Stay away from Smartphones

Keeping LED TVs away from your smartphone also includes efforts to make them last longer. Especially if the TV is on, make sure your cellphone is not nearby. The working system on LED televisions can indeed get stuck if it is located near the signal waves from a smartphone. So in order for LED TVs to last, don’t operate your smartphone too often near a TV that is on.

Turn off the Television With the Right Method

How do you want LED TVs to have a long lifespan and how long do you turn them off, you also have to pay close attention. What is the correct method for turning it off? First turn off the TV using the remote, then unplug the cable.

In order for LED TVs to last, the cable must be removed so that the components and parts inside are not damaged. It also aims to protect the condition of the power supply so it doesn’t wear out quickly because it has to work continuously. If LED TV is more durable, it’s the same, you will save more money, right?

Clean it from Dust

If you want your LED TV to last longer, don’t be lazy to clean it. Without realizing it, a lot of dirt, especially dust, sticks to the TV set which can cause damage. Dust attached to the surface of the TV will eventually enter and interfere with the components inside the LED TV.

So in order for LED TVs to last, be diligent about cleaning them using a duster, a clean cloth or you can also use optical fluid which can be purchased at a hardware store in your city. Remember, don’t use any liquid to clean it, like soapy water, for example. This is a review on how to make LED TVs last longer, hopefully this will be of use to all of our readers.