Easy Ways to Get Rid of Malware on Websites

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Malware on Websites

Malware is indeed one of the problems that often attacks websites. Entering the increasingly sophisticated digital era as it is today, the distribution of malware is also increasingly widespread. Malware is a program that is deliberately developed to infiltrate a computer system and then damage it from within. Devices that you use everyday can be infected with malware without realizing it. Malware can also be made in the form of a script consisting of several lines of code. Malware scripts usually infect websites that do not have a qualified security protection system.

How Does Malware Infect Websites?

In general, malware can enter computer systems and websites through applications/programs installed by administrators. Malware that has successfully entered the computer system must be addressed immediately by installing an anti-virus or selecting files that are considered to be the cause. If this is not addressed immediately, then one of the consequences is that your website’s performance will decrease in search engine search results. Not many people understand this, so there is often a misunderstanding when mentioning viruses and malware as one category. Viruses are just one type of Malware that we often encounter in our daily activities. The following is how to get rid of malware on the website:

1. Combing Suspicious Files

One way for Malware to enter a website is through the administrator’s negligence in uploading files. If your business site is currently being hit by malware and can’t be accessed, then one way you can do it is to comb through all the files to find suspicious code. Apart from combing for suspicious files, you can also check the index.php page and pay more attention to the file type with the SQL extension regarding this problem

2. Install Plugins

This method is somewhat easier than the first method because we don’t have to comb through the code manually. You can use a security plugin. The most recommended security system plugin is Wordfence because this plugin contains enterprise-class services that can be enjoyed for free.

3. Install antivirus

How to get rid of this malware is no less easy, you only need to install an antivirus. There are many antivirus recommendations that have features to eradicate malware on computers and laptops. Please install which one is the best and easy to use.