Efforts to Protect Personal Data so as not to be Misused

Efforts to Protect Personal Data so as not to be Misused

The benefits of using technology and information can indeed be felt, both in the fields of education, the economy and others. But unfortunately, this development of technology and information not only provides benefits but also causes problems that can be detrimental to society, such as data misuse, personal data theft, sale of personal data, fraud and so on. For this reason, efforts to protect personal data are very important to do.

Business actors or electronic system operators can easily collect personal data from customers or potential customers, without the knowledge and permission of the data owner. Personal data can also be misused for purposes other than giving, submitting digital personal data, connected personal data can also be hijacked, stolen by third parties. In an effort to protect personal data, here are some steps that can be taken to maintain privacy while surfing the internet.

Using a VPN

Personal Data

Virtual private network is a service that allows each user to have a secure and private connection from the device to the internet network. This VPN service is usually used for computer or smartphone devices, with the aim of filtering internet connections so that users are not easily traced. By using a VPN, online activities are not easily identified by other parties, protect online activities, and protect data from hackers. In addition, VPN can also

Create a Strong Password

Remembering a password is the first line of defense against hackers, so never use a password that is easy to guess and always use a complex password consisting of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Activate the 2-Factor Authentication Feature

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of protection used to ensure online account security beyond usernames and passwords. In practice, this 2FA requires a code other than a password to log into certain accounts on the internet, where this code can be sent via text message to a cellphone or email. This 2FA feature is considered very effective for protecting accounts when a hacker manages to find out your username and password. Because hackers still won’t be able to get into your account because they don’t have an additional code.

Implement Data Encryption

Encryption is a process of securing data or information by changing plain text into text that humans cannot understand. In practice, data encryption will randomize information or data sent over the internet network. That way, other unauthorized parties cannot monitor activities and data sent online.

Activate Tracker Blocker

Most websites on the internet have used tracking tools on their websites, where these tracking tools aim to find out information about their visitors for marketing purposes. But unfortunately, these tracking tools can collect user data, such as location, computer IP, devices used, and other information. If you want to maintain privacy, then you should use the tracker blocker feature on the computer or smartphone you are using.

Cleaning Cookies Periodically

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on a user’s computer by a website browser when the user is opening a website page. Sites that are opened can use cookies on the device and make browsing activities faster. But unfortunately, these cookies can make activity on the internet traceable by the site.