Enjoying art? Get to know the world of graphic design and its scope of work

Enjoying art? Get to know the world of graphic design and its scope of work

Are you someone who loves art? Love the field of communication in the visual field? Interested in illustration and love to draw? Maybe the world of graphic design is perfect for you.


In this digital era, there are more and more start-ups and agencies that need services from graphic designers for content needs. Then, is the prospect of becoming a graphic designer promising?

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a form of painting to create or arrange visual elements such as illustrations, photos, writings, and lines on a medium.

It is intended to be produced and communicated as a message.

The forms of graphic design art are created by graphic designers who specialize in interpreting messages through the form of images.

In other words, a graphic designer is a visual communicator who creates visual concepts manually or by using computer software.

They communicate their ideas to inspire and inform a message through visual art which includes images, writing, and graphics.

Expressed artistically

One of the advantages of being a graphic designer is that you can pour creative ideas and concepts to be visualized in a medium.

Therefore, every work of a graphic designer will certainly be different and have their own characteristics. Just like with other works of art, graphic design is very subjective.

However, don’t be afraid to express yourself. Even though in an office environment there are clear briefs about what you have to do, don’t let it limit your creativity.

Express according to taste, but also must be able to adapt.

Unlimited job opportunities

In this digital era, almost all brands will promote themselves both offline and online.

To attract the attention of consumers, of course, one way is to communicate their campaign through visuals. This includes website design, packaging, banners, flyers, logos, as well as content on social media.

Therefore, job vacancies as graphic designers are very wide and almost all companies need them.

Flexibility in choosing a work environment

One of the advantages of working as a graphic designer is flexibility in choosing a work environment. How can? Now, for example, many designers have decided to freelance.

Offering graphic design services via the internet is not a difficult thing in the digital era so you can do it anywhere, anytime, it can even be a side job.

Not only that, if you want to work as a designer in an office, both in an agency and in-house, of course the opportunity is also wide open.

Save the budget

If you already have a computer or laptop and the software needed to design, then you don’t need to spend large amounts of money.

The minimal amount of money spent certainly provides greater financial benefits. This is especially so if a graphic designer chooses to pursue this profession on a freelance basis.

With good self-marketing steps, you can quickly get your first job in the world of graphic design.


Graphic Designer Tasks

Apart from thinking and making concepts visually, there are several duties and responsibilities of a graphic designer. Among others are:


  •     prepare all materials to be interpreted into visual form.
  •     make plans and concepts from all information and materials provided by the client
  •     illustrates a concept by making a rough draft of the illustration and its copy
  •     complete the project and coordinate it with outside parties such as agencies, art service, printing companies, and others
  •     contribute with the team to achieve the goals of a project.
  •     meet with a client or art director to find out more about a given project.
  •     brainstorming with clients and providing input on designs that you want to make according to the target market or audience you want to target.
  •     create illustrations or images that identify the message of a product
  •     create graphic forms such as product illustrations, logos, and websites
  •     choose colors, images, fonts, and layouts
  •     presenting the results of the illustrations that have been made to the client or art director
  •     make revisions from the client
  •     conduct quality check of illustrations before printing or publication


Graphic Designer Skills and Qualifications

According to Study, if you have a graphic design major, then you can pursue a career as a graphic designer.

However, some companies have their own policies so that other formal educational backgrounds are sometimes taken into consideration.

Apart from that, there are special skills if you want to get into the world of graphic design, including:


According to Monster, one of the important elements to become a graphic designer is high creativity.

You will be faced with many projects with different themes and styles so you have to differentiate each project. Don’t forget to look for lots of sources for inspiration.

Creativity can be honed by diligently looking at references so that the eye is trained to see inspiring works.


The job of a designer is not only to communicate messages through pictures, you know! They must also have communication skills both oral and written.

Working as a designer will certainly connect a lot with clients. In addition to communication, a designer must be able to listen, be it the wishes of the client or suggestions and criticism.

Adobe applications

Mastery of design software is absolutely necessary. In particular, nowadays, almost all designers use Adobe software to design. Starting from Photoshop to Illustrator.

Even though you understand the use of other software, you must master the basics of using Adobe.

The reason is, companies usually provide Adobe as a tool for making illustrations. This makes you have to be able to adjust.


Not all clients understand the field of design. Therefore, a designer must have good presentation skills.

The designer must explain how the process goes to the reasons why he chose this style for the work he creates.

Time management

It could be that a designer does not only hold one project, so time management is needed. This is important so that deadlines can be completed in a timely manner.

A designer must be able to set priorities. Don’t let you be labeled unprofessional because you often miss deadlines. Being a designer also means being ready to work quickly and responsively.

Graphic Designer Career

It can be said that a job as a graphic designer will always be needed in this digital era. Lots of companies or brands that need designer help to build a branding.

His career development can be described roughly by: junior graphic designer – graphic designer – senior graphic designer – creative director / art director / studio manager.

Not all companies will have the same progress. Even so, the longer you practice, the higher the skills you have. This will also be directly proportional to the salary received.

Sometimes, people with graphic design skills can also be involved in other sides of design. Adobe, for example, illustrates that they can also switch to the User Experience (UX) design side.