How To Choose Best Laptop For Students

How To Choose Best Laptop For Students

As students, of course, we are required to always be able to think ideally. One of them is in terms of selecting gadgets that match their needs. These gadgets include smartphones to laptops. Of course, in terms of choosing laptops for students, the specifications offered must be proportional to the work. Just like a student majoring in multimedia, the laptop offered must have an advantage in terms of designing or rendering video. After that, for students majoring in programming, the laptop that is suitable for them must have advantages in terms of a soft keyboard and a wide screen. Then for other students, it may be mandatory to familiarize yourself with your assignments. Do you know that there are currently many laptop brands that provide a laptop that is specifically designed to do easy and heavy work? This is because with the many demands of consumers who want a laptop that fits their needs. It’s no wonder that many laptop vendors make laptops that really fit every job. Follow the tips to buying a laptop for students below

1. Budget

The tips before buying a laptop for a student is certainly a matter of budget. Yes, for this matter, everyone has different skills. Budget is considered to be something that is often the case in buying something. You should be wiser in buying a laptop, maybe for students for a laptop the price of 3 million to 4 million is enough to do light work. After the budget has been met.

2. Specifications

Then the second tips is in terms of familiarizing the specifications with the needs you want to do. Of course, this is certainly different for students in each department. For multimedia students, it could be a suitable laptop is to rely on an Intel Processor supported by a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a minimum of 2GB of NVIDIA VGA. If a student such as a major in Economics, a laptop with standard specifications with an Intel Processor and 2GB of RAM is sufficient.

3. Laptop Design

Certainly for a student can not be separated from the name of the task that requires an internet network. Therefore, it is not often students who go to cafes that offer free wifi. For that, in choosing a laptop, we must also pay attention to the design of a laptop that is beautiful and looks good. Design can also prove a person’s style. Regarding design, many laptop vendors introduce an external appearance that is very refreshing to the eye. Kind of like ASUS Zenbook, Microsoft Surface, Macbook Pro to Xiaomi Notebook Air.

4. Laptop for Multitasking

Choose a good laptop for multitasking. Multitasking means being able to do several jobs at the same time. Well, this is something that a student must pay close attention to. For example, you are working on a report with Microsoft Word while you want to play a song. Currently all laptops have supported multitasking systems, but in terms of multitasking, each laptop’s skills are different. You should choose a laptop with specifications that are large enough to carry out heavy multitasking. It’s like opening Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects at the same time.

5. Choose a Laptop that has Pre-Installed Windows

It should be in the case of buying a laptop it would be better if it was included with the original Windows operating system. This can be a profitable thing because basically the price of the original Windows operating system is quite expensive. Therefore, choosing a laptop that has Windows installed is a matter that must be selected.

6. Warranty

Currently, many laptops sold at formal distributors are equipped with a warranty. If something in the future the laptop you buy has problems, you don’t need to take it to a laptop service center. Just take it to where you bought the laptop with a note not to exceed it until the warranty runs out.