How to Clean Computer from Malware

How to Clean Computer from Malware

Be careful when using a computer, especially if you use the internet, you can become a target for dangerous malware. Before that happens, do how to clean the computer from the right malware on a regular basis, so that your favorite device is free from this dangerous thing. If interpreted in simple terms is a system destroyer, it usually enters through hidden files that you download. It can also be through data transfer using additional tools, such as flash drives or external memory. Previously you should make sure to back up important files, using external memory that is guaranteed safe. Then disconnect the internet for a while, so that the computer cleaning process runs smoothly. Here’s how to clean your computer from various malware:

1. Scanning


You can scan for malware using a special application, which can be downloaded from various sites. Choose one that is full-featured so that all malware specifications can be identified, quarantined, and removed from your computer. This scanning process can take up to an hour, depending on the level of difficulty cleaning it. You should wait until the process is complete to use the computer again. Similarly, if you want to use a way to clean the computer from viruses that interfere with the computer, it also takes quite a long time.

2. Empty Temporary Files

Temporary files are files that are saved automatically, when you open various sites or content from the internet. How to remove it is to use the temp command in the run feature. The trick is to click win + R, then fill in the command box with the words temp, then just delete all existing files and folders.

3. Enable Defender

You also need to enable the defender feature, to prevent malware from entering your computer again. You do this by opening the settings menu on your computer, then selecting update and security. After that select windows defender, continue on the sub menu open windows defender security center, then virus and threat protection then select advance scan. The last step is just waiting for the computer to run the scanning activation command, through the defender feature.

4. Reset Browser

Use the malware removal procedure in each browser you use, such as Opera, Chrome, or Mozilla. This is done to prevent new malware from re-entering your computer. It’s like using the method of cleaning a computer from dust, which also requires doing several resets and deleting unnecessary data.