How To Deal With Lagging Computer And Laptops

How To Deal With Lagging Computer And Laptops

Computer device is currently reliable enough to support various activities ranging from work, school, to entertainment. Even computer are also used for the benefit of a country’s defense. The various uses of computer make these devices a big commodity in the global market. Apart from computer, there is a device that has almost the same function, namely a laptop. The advantage of the laptop itself is that it is easy to carry anywhere. In fact, there are many laptops with components that are not inferior to computer.

But you know, it turns out that laptops and computer can experience problems such as lag. The meaning of lag is a condition where the device cannot process user command data optimally. Computer that experience lag are certainly very annoying for users. Moreover, the user is being chased by his work deadline. However, there is a way to overcome the lag. On this occasion, we will provide ways to deal with lagging PCs and laptops.

Clean the C-Drive.

Performing cleanup on the C-Drive can reduce the load from the device. Especially for users who have been using the device for more than 3 years. Despite the large storage capacity, cleaning the C-Drive will give the device an upgrade.

Defragment Disk tools.

This method may not know much. In short, Defragment Disk is a junk file remover that makes your device sluggish. To access this feature, users can simply enter the control panel, right-click and select the Tools menu in Properties, then click optimize.

Install device performance booster computer software.

Installing software such as CCleaner, Razer, and others can help the device work more optimally. The software also helps clean up junk files that overload the device. Please install the software as needed.

Upgrade to SSD.

Devices that still use HDDs will generally experience a decline because the technology can be said to have been left behind. Currently there is SSD technology that is able to provide maximum performance when booting. Adding an SSD so that the device can be restarted is often done by many users. But it needs to be underlined, installing an SSD costs quite a lot.

Use an external cooler.

Using an external cooler can help stabilize device temperature. With cold temperatures, of course the device can maximize its capabilities. Even with an external cooler it prevents the device from overheating.

Use Thermal paste.

Apart from using an external fan, adding Thermal Paste paste to the processor can also be done. The paste serves to keep the temperature stable and prevent overheating.

Reset Windows.

The longer the age of a device makes its own decline in both the hardware and software sectors. For old software, it will certainly affect the performance of the operating system used. Therefore resetting Windows can also be done to overcome the slowness of the device.

Increase computer RAM capacity.

Adding RAM capacity certainly provides relief when the software process is running. This means that the device will be firmer when used. But adding RAM needs to pay attention to the capabilities of the device. Not just any device can be given additional RAM.

Clean Desktop and Startup applications.

Installing a lot of software on the desktop also burdens the device itself. Please clean unnecessary applications and files on the desktop. Then using the standard startup application from Windows is also recommended so that the device is not too burdened. However, if you still insist on using other startup applications, you need to pay attention to the capabilities of the device.

Adjust computer application usage.

The number of applications makes the device unable to perform processing optimally. Therefore please choose which application is the most important and frequently used. Do not let the device experience over capacity due to the accumulation of various unused applications.

Use the application according to device capacity.

Both computer and laptops have their respective capacities. Installing applications certainly needs to take into account the capacity of the device. Do not let the device process a heavy software without being matched by a large memory capacity.

Use antivirus computer.

A slow device can also be caused by a malware virus that attacks the device. Therefore, users need to install anti-virus so that the device is not easily hacked. There are many anti-virus that can be used by users. At least users use the default antivirus from Windows.

Uninstall the computer application.

Uninstalling unused applications can reduce the lag that appears. Coupled with uninstalling some applications can reduce the load on the device and prevent malware viruses from entering. Please select applications that are frequently used to be maintained.