How to Improve Online Store Website Security

Website security is very crucial. This is because the website stores personal data and business data that must be protected. With the advancement of technology, various activities have now been transferred digitally. This transition certainly has a big impact on life. Starting from shopping for daily needs, education, work, entertainment, to transportation. We have entered the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) which allows data transmission through websites and internet networks. The high use of and dependence on wireless networks is also a cause for concern. For those of you who want to develop an online business and want to start with a website, then the level of security is something that needs to be considered. Here are some ways to improve website security.


Website Security

Make sure your website has received an SSL certificate. SSL is a security system that makes your website look as if it has been validated by a world-class company and can certainly increase the trust of your visitors and potential customers. By using SSL, your website will automatically change to HTTPS. The process of installing an SSL certificate is very easy and fast, and the costs also vary. With this certificate, potential buyers will feel safe when transacting on your website.

Choose a Payment Gateway with a Good Reputation

An easy and secure payment process is certainly desired by all potential buyers. The payment process that is only a ‘click’ is certainly what they are looking for the most. Therefore, the use of a payment gateway is a mandatory choice. Choose a payment gateway service that has an official office in Indonesia, because if the payment gateway on your website has problems, it will be easier to handle.

The Importance of an Fraud Detection System

Crime doesn’t only happen in the real world, you also have to watch out for fraud cases in online transactions. For that, there is nothing wrong if your selling website is installed with a fraud detection system or known as FDS (Fraud Detection System). FDS allows you to block every transaction detected by fraud. You can limit the number of purchases per day and even block the IP of potential buyers.

Find an Admin who understands Payment Gateway

Not all admins who handle the online order process understand about payments using credit cards. An admin on a sales website must of course know how to handle suspicious fraud, he must be able to indicate whether the transaction is fraudulent or not, and must know what steps to take to prevent it. Because no matter how strong a system is, there must still be a reliable admin role in it. Men behind the gun!

Install the Firewall Application

You certainly don’t want your selling website to be infiltrated by banners or obscure advertisements that have nothing to do with the goods you are selling. By installing a web application firewall, you can filter or even block ads that enter without your permission. In this way, your website will be safe and buyers will feel comfortable shopping on your website.