How to Keep a Flashdisk From Damage

How to Keep a Flashdisk From Damage

Flashdisk is the media most often used to store data that is easy to carry anywhere. Many people work in the office or outside the office who still don’t fully understand how to know how to keep a Flashdisk durable from damage and computer viruses. Of course we don’t want the stored data to be damaged. If the flash drive is damaged, the data stored on it cannot be opened. So that important data is lost and work is hampered and disrupted. The following is how to keep the flash drive from damage.

Data Storage

Storing files with too large a capacity is not good for a flash drive. If the file to be stored has a large size, we can use zip to compress it to be small. Also, don’t format the flash drive too often. In addition, try not to edit data directly from the flash. Instead, first copy the data you want to edit to the computer and then edit it. When finished, just copy it back to the flashdisk.

Don’t Forget to Always Scan for Viruses

Because the flashdisk is so flexible, it makes it easy for us to plug it from one computer to another. So it is also easy for viruses from one computer to spread to other computers, so that computers that were clean of viruses are also infected and make their performance decrease. This is what often happens to most people, especially those who are new to computers.

Eject Flashdisk After Use

Often we are lazy to eject or stop the flash before removing it from the USB port. Eliminate these negative habits from now on! Because if the flash is not ejected, the flash will potentially be damaged more quickly. The eject or stop process aims to avoid data corruption.

Avoid Flashdisk Hit Hard Impact

A hard impact will cause damage to the flashdisk, or it could be that the data on it is also lost. Actually some of the tips above are very easy to do. However, due to our negligence or not being diligent in caring for flash drives, we underestimate something that is easy, so some of the things above become difficult to do.

Save the Flashdisk in the Right Place

Try not to store flashdisk near electronic equipment, especially those with large magnets such as refrigerators, TVs, cellphones and others. A large magnetic field will certainly affect the flash. Also avoid the flash from heat. So don’t keep the flash drive in a place exposed to direct sunlight.