How To Make Your Smartphone Not Overheating and Not Slow

How To Make Your Smartphone Not Overheating and Not Slow

How do we make sure that the smartphone we have don’t get overheating quickly and don’t get slow often? This publication may be in your mind, especially those of you who are quite active in using smartphones. Sometimes smartphones can feel overheating and slow down the performance of smart smartphone. The name is also electronic equipment, of course there is a reduction in quality at the same time. Moreover, this smartphone is used not only for calls and send a massages.

Currently, surfing the internet, playing games, playing social media, let alone supporting daily activities are on smartphones. It’s normal if after that the use of smartphones is greater than the use of ordinary smartphone a decade later. This very large usage can cause your smartphone to heat up quickly and this will affect the performance of Android smartphone which is reduced to an extreme. Therefore, so that the smartphone battery is not as fast as lightning wins, read the following guide.

1. Use Original Charger and Battery

Using a smartphone for a long time often has an impact on the battery zone which runs out quickly. In effect, you will continue to carry out the process of filling up your smartphone very often in one day. Of course this will make the battery and charger a decrease in quality. When it breaks, you need to spend to buy a new charger or battery. So, when buying a new charger and battery, use the original charger and battery packaging. Cheaper chargers and batteries are pocket-friendly, but this will harm your smartphone.

What’s more, you also don’t know the quality and origin of the charger. If you are charging a non-original charger and battery, you can be sure that heat will come to your smartphone more often. Until then, make sure your smartphone uses the original charger and battery and also make sure not to charge your smartphone very rarely.

2. Don’t Use Smartphone When Charging

The second guide is still related to the initial guide, which is about the battery. When the smartphone is in a charging state, your flagship doesn’t use the smartphone, either for just chatting or just texting. If this routine is tried frequently, it will affect the smartphone battery, which appears to swell faster. This situation will make your smartphone feel overheatingter after being filled with energy.

3. Sterilize smartphone from dust

You need to know that dust that sticks to your smartphone can actually cause heat to your smartphone or overheat. Why can? Because in fact the holes in the smartphone body can cover the path of overheating temperatures coming out of the smartphone. That is, the overheating temperature stagnates because the hole is covered in dust.

If this has happened, aka the smartphone is covered in dust, most of the medicine uses some kind of cotton buds. Also make sure to rinse the battery, especially for smartphone with removable battery types. Oh yes, be careful when using cotton buds. Don’t let the cotton buds stick directly to the smartphone features.

4. Give smartphone time to “rest”

When playing games or surfing the internet, we often don’t remember the time. We are always preoccupied with playing games and streaming, which in the end unconsciously “tortures” the smartphone from working hard.

For those that are known, consuming YouTube or video streaming and playing games continuously without stopping will make your smartphone heat up quickly. You should give your smartphone time to rest from endless heavy consumption activities.

5. Using the smartphone Cooling Application

One of the methods that you can try to deal with a smartphone that is overheating quickly is to use an smartphone cooling application. This smartphone cooling application is quite useful and can help maintain the temperature or cool your smartphone. Some of the smartphone cooling applications that you can try are Cool Master, Extraordinary Cooler-CPU, EaseUS Coolphone, and many more.

6. Using the “Junk” Eraser App

On Android smartphones there are usually a lot of files that are not very useful. These files are generally in the form of trash, cache, and cookies. If this file is too much and left unchecked, the effect will affect the kitchen runway and RAM which then causes the smartphone to heat up. Therefore, don’t underestimate the “junk” files on your smartphone. Perform regular file cleanup. For the cleaning process, you can use an application from Google, Files Go, which clearly has good performance and convenient access to application permissions.

7. Keep the smartphone in a comfortable place away from heat

You should put your smartphone in a comfortable place. Convenient in this case is not to put the smartphone in any place that has the potential to generate heat on the smartphone. For example, put it on a base that is easy to heat. Especially when you put the smartphone while it is filled with energy. If this happens, the smartphone battery will heat up quickly and the worst effect is that the battery has the potential to explode.

8. Using a Battery Saver App

Battery saver apps have been widely available on app stores. This application is usually not only useful for saving the battery. Generally battery saving applications also have a feature to close applications running in the background (background). Applications that run behind this have the potential to make smartphone overheating.

Not only that, battery saver applications also generally have features to speed up the performance of your smartphone. This feature is very useful for increasing the performance of your smartphone. You can use battery saving applications such as Hibernation Manager, Account Sync Profiler, DU Battery Saver, Battery Booster Lite and many more.

9. Stay away from water

In fact, water can be one of them because smartphone can run fast overheating and sluggish. Therefore, you should avoid using your smartphone in pools, seaside, or in the bathroom. Smartphone that is exposed to water in large quantities can cause heat and potentially damage smartphone. But this point is special for those of you who don’t have a waterproof smartphone. If you often do activities in places with lots of water, choose a water-resistant cell phone.

10. Turn off Connections and Close Unused Applications

You should be able to control when to use a smartphone connection. For example, when you are in a meeting, you can first turn off the internet network. But if this does not allow, turn off other connections when not in use. For example turning off GPS, bluetooth, or NFC. This method is also efficient for saving battery.

Not only that, close the applications you use, especially heavy applications or games. Usually, if you often multitask, you will press recent apps and not close the application. If there are many applications running without you closing them, your smartphone has the potential to overheat quickly, which can even cause your smartphone to perform slowly.

11. Stay away from Continuously Turning on WiFi

This point is still related to number 10, which is turning off WiFi when you are not in the area of ​​a WiFi provider. Remember, you don’t forget to turn off the WiFi network.

The reason is, WiFi will continue to search for networks automatically, while it’s not certain that you will be in an area where there is a WiFi network. WiFi that is constantly actively looking for this network has the potential to make your smartphone  overheating.

12. Use Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining

Currently cryptocurrencies are on the rise. The most popular is bitcoin. Many websites try their luck mining bitcoin by using the resources of devices that access the web without device user permission. Moreover, there is already an application on Google Playstore which, if installed, will try to use the system to mine bitcoins. Fortunately, Google suspected the method of deleting it.

Even though it has been deleted, always be vigilant. Who knows, in the future many similar applications will arrive again or you will accidentally access a web that is mining bitcoins. If this happens, then of course your smartphone system will feel heavy because it is demanded by websites or applications to mine cryptocurrency. As a result, your smartphone will feel overheating and its performance will obviously be slow. For that, you should use a protective application from “cryptocurrency miner” on your smartphone. Currently, many antiviruses, such as Malwarebytes and Avast, also have anti-cryptocurrency mining capabilities. You can also install the Opera browser which has an ad blocking feature as well as blocking cryptocurrency mining activities.

13. Removing RAM-intensive applications and games

If the smartphone you have is a smartphone with large RAM, obviously this point doesn’t apply. However, if your smartphone’s RAM is in the mediocre category, for example 1GB of RAM, then this point will apply. The reason is, applications and games that are categorized as burdensome for RAM will reduce the performance of your smartphone because these heavy applications overload the system. In effect, your smartphone will be overheating quickly.

For that, you can delete applications or games that might burden RAM. Even though these games are games that you like and play, if the goal is to keep your smartphone’s performance from slowing down and not getting overheating quickly, like it or not, you have to delete the game.

14. Don’t often put your smartphone in closed places

You should not often put your smartphone in a closed place. For example, putting your cell phone in extraordinarily tight jeans. If you often keep your smartphone in your jeans, you should start reducing it and give your smartphone fresh air. Putting a cell phone in a closed place such as a bag or trouser pocket has the potential to make the smartphone run overheating quickly which will certainly affect the smartphone’s performance.

15. Factory Reset

This is the final step that you can take to make your smartphone look “fresh” and return to its previous performance. If your smartphone feels overheating quickly, try to do a factory reset. Doing a factory reset will delete all files and applications on the smartphone, except for applications that have been installed or factory default.