How to Perform Software Maintenance on a Computer

How to Perform Software Maintenance on a Computer

Software needs to get special care both physically. Computer functions will run very well if component always cared for properly. This will help the performance of the software to be better and not easily damaged. There are several things that we must pay attention to in caring for a computer software, moreover to take care of our computer operating system:

1. Turn on or turn off the computer according to the procedure


If you use Windows as the Operating System on your computer, then it is very important to keep your computer running well. Perform the Windows Shutdown process properly, so that if your computer restarts, there will be no problems when it is turned on. Never turn off the power suddenly to your computer continuously.

2. Use Antivirus

It has become an obligation for Windows users where they require to use Antivirus Software on their computers. The goal is to make our computers more secure when there are viruses that attack our computers. Flashdisk that is always connected to the computer here and there will be more easily infected with a computer virus, where the virus will enter our computer when the data transfer begins.  Therefore this is a very important step for you to keep your computer healthy.

3. Do a Data Backup

Data backup is important for those of you who have very important data. This data backup is useful for maintaining data security, reducing the use of storage media capacity and facilitating data distribution if needed.

4. Perform Disk Setup Regularly

The process of deleting documents or files on the hard disk makes the file structure on the hard disk messy, therefore you need to do disk setup. Use assistive software to perform disk setup such as Scandisk and defrag.