How To Prevent Hacking Sniffing Through APK Files

How To Prevent Hacking Sniffing Through APK Files

Sniffing itself is the process of monitoring and hacking sensitive data such as credentials, passwords through internet network traffic. Phishing, on the other hand, is usually carried out using emails or websites that are forged to appear genuine in order to entice unsuspecting victims to provide their login credentials or sensitive information to the site. In Sniffing cases that have been happening lately, perpetrators use various APK fraud modes to various modes that disguise themselves as official parties.


Hackers carry out their actions using the APK system. In fact, we can prevent this if we have good awareness of the security of personal data. One of them is to be careful when accessing public internet networks, not to download files or applications carelessly from people we don’t know, or from untrusted sources.

Sniifing uses file names with the extension .APK on Google’s Android operating system or .IPA on Apple’s iOS operating system, which is software used to run an application on each of these operating systems. These .APK or .IPA application software can be modified by malicious actors to introduce viruses or malware that can hack devices. This infiltrating malware can illegally retrieve data stored on the device or misuse the data we enter, such as usernames, passwords, PIN numbers, OTP codes, or other personal information.

Make sure to download applications only from official sites and also double-check the ratings and reviews of the applications that we are going to download. If there is a suspicious message, don’t just download the APK document or click on the requested link because clicking on a dangerous link has the potential to be automatically infiltrated by a malware virus, always try to verify the identity of the sender. Apart from recognizing and being aware of sniffing messages, there are a number of tips that you also need to know in protecting your devices from hacking, such as using a secure internet network when doing activities in the digital world.