How to Take Care of your Smartwatch to Keep it Durable

How to Take Care of your Smartwatch to Keep it Durable

Watches are not only a timepiece, but also a fashion item that supports a cooler appearance. There are various kinds of watches themselves, one of which is a smartwatch. The right way to care for your smartwatch can make it last longer. Smartwatch has many advantages, apart from being a timepiece, its function can also be a navigation tool. Some smartwatch materials are not water-resistant so you can’t wash them directly. Some have shock-resistant features and remain safe even for activities in nature. Here’s how to take care of your smartwatch so that it lasts longer:

1. Pay Attention to the Battery

The battery is a very important component. Although the condition of the smartwatch is still very good, if the battery is damaged and has not been replaced, it will not work. Smartwatches have a reusable battery system, or charging by charging. Do not leave the battery in a completely empty condition because it will not last long. Leaving the battery connected to a power source when it is fully charged will cause it to fail quickly.

2. Use a Screen Protector

Screen functions on a smartwatch, such as on a touch screen smartphone. Take care not to get scratched. If this happens, it will not only reduce its beauty but its function can be reduced. The screen is no longer responsive so the performance is less than optimal. Screen protectors for smartwatches vary. Choose a quality so that it can really provide protection.

3. Don’t Let It Get Dirty

During use, you cannot keep the watch clean all the time. Dirty in the form of splashes of water, dust, food scraps that fall and others can reduce the beauty of the smartwatch. For the screen, use a cloth made of fiber. Do not splash water to clean it, just wipe it gently. Although screen cleaners are often found, they are not necessarily suitable for your smartwatch. Do not let the use of cleaners actually cause damage.

4. Clean the Strap According to the Material

The smartwatch strap is the part that is in direct contact with the skin of the hand. This part gets dirty very quickly. Clean according to the material. Do not use water to clean a leather strap. You can soak the stainless steel strap in warm water mixed with detergent. But you have to be very careful, don’t let the watch body get submerged.

5.Don’t Store in Humid Places

Moisture is a problem that can damage its appearance and function. Never store your smartwatch in a humid place. Check regularly and remove immediately if there are mold stains around the storage area. Using the box obtained at the time of buying it can be an alternative. With proper storage, your smartwatch collection will last a long time and function well.