Important Tips for Caring for DSLR Camera

Important Tips for Caring for DSLR Camera

Having a DSLR camera means you have to be prepared for the maintenance. The camera also needs care so that the lens is always clean from dust. In addition, DSLR camera maintenance is also carried out to keep this camera durable. The right way to care for a DSLR camera is very useful for extending the life of the camera because the camera is a sensitive electronic item. The following are some important tips on caring for a DSLR camera:

Keep Camera Away from Water

Water is the main enemy for electronic devices, including DSLR cameras. Even for cameras that are labeled as waterproof, contact with water also needs to be limited so that the camera does not get damaged quickly. Even more dangerous is water contained in the form of vapor, especially if the DSLR camera is used in a place with high humidity. High humidity means that the air contains a lot of moisture which can enter the internal parts of the camera and cause various damage or even mold growth inside the camera. Even if your DSLR camera is claimed to be waterproof or weather sealed, try to keep the camera away from water.

Complete the Camera LCD with a Screen Protector

Just like a cellphone, the way to care for a DSLR camera, especially on the LCD part, is to install a screen guard or screen protector. This protector will protect the screen from scratches or fingerprints. In fact, the screen guard will keep the LCD screen protected from water or dust.

Clean the Camera Periodically

Treatment is not only done on the LCD screen, but also on the camera body. Another thing that needs to be considered in caring for a DSLR camera is the treatment of the lens so that it always looks clear and produces clear photos as well. In addition to the lens, the camera body must also be cleaned regularly. Try to clean your camera body with eucalyptus oil. Because eucalyptus oil dries faster and has very little water content.

Use a Special Camera Bag

When taking a DSLR camera for traveling, don’t forget to prepare a camera bag that can accommodate all camera components, including the lens and tripod. The camera bag has been specially designed so that it has high resistance to prevent the camera from being bumped during the trip. Try not to use just any bag to store your camera while traveling. To choose the perfect camera bag, pay attention to the material used. The lighter and stronger the bag, usually the better quality. Especially if the material used is resistant to water. The capacity of the camera bag also needs to be reviewed so that all camera equipment can fit into it.

Save the Camera in a Special Place

The correct way to store a DSLR camera is to put it in a dry box. The dry box will protect the camera from extreme temperature changes. As the name implies, this storage box will keep the camera dry and avoid moisture that can damage the camera’s internal components. Dry boxes are also useful for protecting DSLR cameras from becoming moldy. Because storing the camera in a damp place can make the camera moldy, especially on the optical part of the lens.