Software Maintenance Steps on a Computer

Software Maintenance Steps on a Computer

Software maintenance on a computer cannot be neglected. Regular software maintenance of computer equipment can maintain computer stability. There are several things that we must pay attention to in maintaining computer software, especially to maintain our computer operating system.

Turn On or turn Off the Computer According to the Procedure

If we use Windows as the Operating System on our computer, this step is very important to keep the computer running properly. Perform the Windows Shutdown process correctly, so that if the computer restarts, there will be no problems when it is turned on.

Use Antivirus

It is mandatory for Windows users where they have to use Antivirus Software on their computer. The goal is that our computers are safer when there is a virus that attacks our computer. Especially if you like to transfer data via flash media. Flashdisk that is always connected to the computer will be more easily infected with viruses, viruses will enter the computer during data transfer. Hence this is a very important step for you to keep your computer healthy.

Perform Data Backup

Software Maintenance

Backup important data for those of you who have very important data. This is very useful for maintaining the security of computer data, and can also reduce media storage capacity, to make it easier to distribute data when needed.


If the electricity in your area is unstable, you will need to use a UPS on your computer. Although this is not a mandatory step, but when the electricity in your area goes out, the UPS will replace the power supply on your computer, so that the computer can run for some time. Not recommended for long-term use of the UPS due to insufficient capacity for the computer. You can save your important data while using the UPS and start shutting down your computer. The utility of UPS really helps your work at home, especially when you are in the process of making important documents.

Perform Disk Setup Regularly

The process of deleting documents or files on the hard drive makes the file structure on the hard drive messy, so you need to perform Disk Setup. Use assistive software to perform disk settings such as Scandisk and defrag.

Don’t Install Software

The purpose of not installing this software is so that you don’t install unnecessary applications or software on your computer even if your computer is still capable of running them. The denser the software configuration on the Operating System, the slower the computer’s performance will be. If you complain that your computer is often slow or hangs, check the applications or software installed on your computer.