Starting the year, these are the 7 newest mobile phones released in January 2021

Starting the year, these are the 7 newest mobile phones released in January 2021

2021 is here. It’s time to move on from those who have been present in the past and welcome those who are new. In this issue, what is meant is a smartphone. Generally, if you enter January, many manufacturers are competing for the title of the first smartphone that year.
But this year, it doesn’t seem like there are too many. There are several names that are expected to be present in the month that starts 2021. Here are some of the products.

OPPO Reno5

As a flagship series, OPPO does not play around in providing specifications on this smartphone. The design and color of the Reno5 are still wrapped in bright, beautiful and stunning colors. As a whole, the specifications, Reno5 will not be far from Reno4, which means that the price is estimated to fall at Rp. 5 million.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

This is not a typo. Not A20s, but A02s. This Samsung smartphone has just launched on January 4 at a price of under Rp. 2 million considering the official website itself just launched the A02s a few hours before this article came out.
The battery is large enough for items in its class, which is 5,000mAh. But for the processor itself it is still not known what it will use.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The launch of the Mi 10T has garnered a lot of attention considering its price which is very far below the market price. But many people are not sensitive that the presence of the Mi 10T also shows Xiaomi is getting ready to launch its newest product. If it does come true, it is likely that Mi 11 will be announced at the end of January.

Vivo X60

There have been many rumors related to this smartphone considering the product has been announced for the Chinese market. Pre-orders there will be open as of January 8.
Judging from this date, it is possible that the Vivo X60 will be present in Indonesia to replace the X50 in mid or late January. Price? It is estimated that IDR 8 million to IDR 10 million.

Realme X7

realme X7 has been introduced since Q3 2020 in China, to be precise last September. Gradually this product spread and only in December arrived in Thailand.
This news can be a reference for the X7 realm that will also be present in Indonesia this January. Judging from the market there, which costs Rp. 8 million, X7 can come at a lower price here.

Realme 8

Not only X7, rumors say that Realm is preparing for its Realm 8. If the X7 isn’t coming out, then Realme 8 will replace it. Considering that this realm series is believed to be the best series that is most often offered at a price that is suitable for the Indonesian market, which is vulnerable to IDR 5 million, you need to pay attention to the presence of this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A22

Samsung is crazy about producing the A series considering that this series is indeed in great demand. Apart from the A02s, Samsung plans to release the A22 which is admittedly the first most affordable 5G smartphone ever.
The most affordable considering the price given is estimated at IDR 2 million vulnerable. Many expect January, but it could be in the months ahead.

Several smartphones on this list are confirmed to be included in January. Others are still rumors and we can only wait for the news. Relax. Generally when entering the middle, there will also be unexpected smartphones. So just wait quietly.