The 10 most sophisticated home music recording applications that you should try

The 10 most sophisticated home music recording applications that you should try

Today’s developing technology has entered various lines of human need. One of them is a need in the art of music. In the past, recording music in the studio was difficult because it was expensive. But now technology has changed it.

The presence of a number of application products that are continuously updated allows anyone to make their own music track recordings at home or home recording. Of course, without having to drain the money in the wallet. Because only a number of simple support devices are needed and can be purchased at a low cost. After that, just install the software for home recording.

This has made the development of the music industry in the world shifted. Because, anyone can produce music and publish it directly through a YouTube account or social media. Whether it’s just a hobby to the music industry business.

Here are 10 music recording software that can be used for home recording:

1). Fruity Loops (FL Studio)

Fruity Loops or FL Studio is a computer application used to record, convert, and create audio. The application developed by a company called Image-Line has become the most famous application and has a lot of enthusiasts around the world.

Even Image-Line offers free feature upgrades for life, after the first purchase. This means that buyers will get the next version of FL Studio for free. Image-Line also develops FL Studio Mobile for users on iOS and Android and FL Studio Groove for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

This software can be used for mixing and mastering, VST plugins, recording music tracks using live musical instruments as well as digital composition features, audio editing, live performance, and more. The software is also equipped with more than 30 software synthesizers and 40 effect plug-ins. Supports VST 32 & 64 bit, DX and FL native plug-in formats.

Even users can make music by drawing drums with a sound almost exactly like the sound of real musical instruments, keyboards, guitars, basses, record vocals, etc. using this FL Studio facility anywhere. Because, there is also an Android version.

2). Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is software designed for multitrack digital audio recording, editor and mixer. Users can compose musical instruments and process various sounds as needed. This includes improving sound quality, adding various sound effects, and combining multiple sound tracks into one track, then saving in multiple formats.

This software has actually been released for a long time, namely since August 18, 2003. However, to be able to compete with newcomers, this application continues to be developed with the latest version and the completeness of the needs of musicians. Adobe Audition is popular with both beginners and professionals.

3). PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus Studio One is a software for up-and-coming digital music creators who are able to grab the world’s attention. PreSonus Studio is very beginner friendly with a formal trial offer. But it is proven, this music software shows its sophistication with various facilities embedded in it.

This technology product was developed by PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. based in the United States, namely Grand Bay Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 USA. As closely as famous musicians such as Maik Oppermann, Eike Jonas, Matthias Juwan, and Wolfgang Kundrus, using this software.

4). Ableton Live

The software becomes a tool for live performances and large media for recording, arranging, mixing, composing, and mastering. Ableton Live is widely used by well-known DJs, as it is perfect for beatmatching, crossfading, and other effects used by turntablists.

Ableton Live has a strong reputation in the music industry as one of the best software. The developer provides various features according to the needs of music composition.

5). Logic Pro X

This is a Music Production Software to be reckoned with in the music field. Logic Pro X offers all the assistance and instruments needed to create the best compositions with crystal clear sound quality.

6). GarageBand

With this software, you can play a musical instrument, compose music, or record a song. There are software instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and implicit session drummers. Many music producers in the world use GarageBand for music production.

7). Steinberg Cubase

If you are a YouTuber who needs music, it is certainly worth trying this software. It is a powerful audio generator and MIDI tool for recording, editing, composition, and mixing.

Steinberg Cubase is one of the Music Production Software used by millions of musicians, producers in the music industry around the world. The embedded advanced technology makes this software even more loved by technology-literate young people.

8). Avid Pro Tools

Each software has advantages and disadvantages of each. Including having the distinctive characteristics it carries. The musicians just have to choose according to their needs. Avid Pro Tools has also become the Music Production Software industry standard.

Users can record, write, edit, compose musical instruments with practical and quality. This software for music production can be tried.

9). Cakewalk Sonar

Cakewalk Sonar offers a complete music production package. They offer creative experiences by combining advanced technology, easy workflows, and interfaces for inspiration.

This software is a fairly sophisticated recording machine for music production. Built-in effects and instruments are available, and the mixing console’s analog style makes this software not only great, but also inspiring.

10). Ardor

Ardor is one of the leading music recording, editing and mixing software for Linux, OS X and Windows. There are features such as Audio and MIDI multi-track recording and editing, powerful plugins. This software is the preferred tool for audio engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors, and composers alike.

There are still many other software products that of course have their own uniqueness and advantages that can support music production simply and easily. But it has a dazzling quality. (*)