The Best Home Design Software

The Best Home Design Software

In the past, when architects wanted to design a house, they had to draw it manually. Of course this takes a long time and maybe not all architects are equipped with good drawing skills. Not only that, they must also have a high level of accuracy. The development of the world of technology has had a positive impact on architects where now they can use applications to design houses or buildings much more easily than manually.

Architects are now able to use special applications that are used to design houses or other buildings. This application can be used to design 2D or 3D buildings. To make it full, please follow the suggestions for a home design application on the following Computer/Laptop.


The home design application on computers/laptops that we discussed earlier is ArchiCAD. This one application is claimed to be an all in one application. The reason is because you can design a house both in 2D and 3D. This application also provides ease of use so that it can be used by a reliable architect or someone who is just learning architectural design.

You can find all the features you need in AchiCAD. So, you no longer need to install other applications to fulfill missing features. In other words, ArchiCAD can be the best choice application for creating extraordinary home designs as you wish.

Chief Architect

If you are looking for the best 3D home design application, then one of the choices is Chief Architect. This application is a software that provides all the features needed to design a 3D house. Even so, if you need a 2D house design, then this application is also suitable for making a home design according to what you want.

One of the advantages that Chief Architect has is an automatic feature that helps you both when designing a house or renovating a house. If you really can optimize all the features provided, then the home design you make is guaranteed to be satisfactory. This application is also often used by professional architects and is also suitable for people who are just learning to design houses.

Punch Software

Home desia application on Computer. The third laptop is the Application Punch. It has a name that seems a bit strange, but that doesn’t mean we can underestimate this application. You need to know that the Punch Application is a home design application that ranks 1st in the United States. The way App Punch works is by blending the power of NexGen to create realistic photos of impeccable quality with LightWorks.

It is this combination that also creates a real estate design and large project more clearly and more quickly. So, when you are receiving orders in large quantities, then Punch Applications can be the best solution. You can complete all of these requests without the need to ask for someone else’s encouragement. But the price of this application is quite expensive. Even so, the complete features and other advantages make this application still worth buying.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is one of the popular home design applications on Computers/Laptops. As the name implies, this application is still part of AutoCAD but for use by architects. The features provided allow you to organize and design your home more nicely and effectively. Not only that, for those of you who are looking for an application with a simple interface, then AutoCAD Architecture is the answer for you. The simple appearance does not make ordinary people confused the first time they use it. For those who want to try it, please use AutoCAD Architecture which is a trial type or trial version. If appropriate, please use the paid type.

Vectorworks Architecture

If we compare the Vectorworks Architecture with the four applications that we have discussed, it can be said that this application has a greater level of difficulty. You can see for yourself that this application is used by reliable architects who have long understood the world of architecture. By using Vectorworks Architecture, you can create an extraordinary and perfect design.

The results obtained by using Vectorworks Architecture can even be better than when you use other applications. For other applications, designers usually spend hours to make their best designs. But with Vectorworks Architecture, you can create faster designs that are always flawless.