The Latest Technology In Future Cars

The Latest Technology In Future Cars

Future cars still have the same mission. But in line with the times, the function of the car is not only that, the latest technology affects the existence of the car today and in the future. Many of us crave comfort and functionality, especially cars in the future. Some smart cars appear equipped with cool features that are more practical and futuristic. The following are some of the latest technologies in future cars:

Improved Gesture Control

A new feature that will make it easier to control the functions of the car. This latest technology is called Multi Media Interface, this new technology already exists in advanced cars made by Audi. Multi Media Interface technology itself can enable inputting characters using only the index finger. There are also various applications such as inputting addresses for navigation purposes, entering phone numbers or simply selecting songs for entertainment.

Display Function on Car Windshield

Having an informative display on the windshield of the car will add quite a lot of functionality to the car. Among them are speed information, navigation details and even incoming nicknames with a minimalist design on the car’s windshield. This can be an alternative so that the driver’s eye view is maintained.

Inter-Vehicle Connection Interaction

Vehicles can exchange information, aka communication between vehicles, so that traffic is expected to be maintained even in quite congested conditions. The presence of this technology will also increase safety, especially between cars that have provided information and also warned the driver to be executed immediately.

The Car Battery is Thinner and Lighter

Just as the batteries used in electric cars are quite large and heavy, automotive manufacturers must find the right location to place the battery. It would be something fantastic again if the existence of the battery is very thin and can be bent, even though it looks still impossible but there is nothing wrong with car manufacturers looking at technology in the future.

Integrated With Smartphone

Something less obvious in today’s cars is integration with smartphones. This is not talking about being able to play music from a smartphone, but rather being able to control smartphone functions in a car via voice commands or even buttons on the steering wheel.