The Latest Technology To Prevent Car Drivers From Falling asleep

The Latest Technology To Prevent Car Drivers From Falling asleep

This latest technology is not only down in the spare parts market, but also creates technological innovation. This is one of the advanced anti-drowsiness technology for car drivers. This technology is not the first, because the technology has been widely used and applied to the world’s leading automotive brands that can be used to monitor the driver’s condition and determine when the driver should rest.

This autonomous car technology is present and prepared to provide many conveniences to drivers who have relatively physical limitations. But until this era of autonomous cars is realized, if you fall asleep while sitting behind the wheel is still very dangerous for yourself and others. So often we are given an advice to pull over when we feel tired to rest for a while.

This in-car system was created to monitor and detect the driver’s drowsiness before actually falling asleep, then the technology can provide a response to prevent the driver from falling asleep more deeply.

However, this technology is personal and this system accurately measures the level of sleepiness by scanning facial expressions, eye blinks, drop in body heat and retinal illumination patterns. This information is then combined with information collected around the vehicle. All data will then be processed using this artificial intelligence technology to assess the level of sleepiness in the driver. If the level of sleepiness is considered dangerous, the system will give a warning indication in the form of a sound followed by a vibration and ask the driver to take a break.

In addition, this technological system can also see the ambient light to determine whether it is day or night, and all that information will be processed through an intelligence feature which then decides whether it is necessary for the driver to rest or not.