The Significant Influence of Technology on Social Life

The Significant Influence of Technology on Social Life

Humans are social beings who cannot live alone, humans must communicate with each other and have direct contact with each other. However, if we look at the existing facts, the social life of today’s society, it seems that the term social being that consists of direct interaction and communication must be studied and re-examined. Technology which is facing a very significant development explicitly has a very large impact on human social life today.


The emergence of social media and all-efficient and effective communication tools is one of the aspects that led to the birth of individual and selfish human beings. People tend to do more pragmatic things to relate socially. Carrying out direct social contact is considered as something complicated, does not provide benefits, wastes time, and is even said to be out of date.

One of the aspects that causes a decrease in social citizenship is the existence of a feeling of disbelief in their own environment, especially in the immediate environment such as family, neighbors and work area. This is due to the large number of criminal acts that usually occur because of people around the area so that people tend to choose to do everything themselves or through communication devices to communicate without having to meet and face to face.

Technology makes it possible to meet each other outside the boundaries of space and their own culture. No matter how sophisticated the technology is that can produce instant communication and interaction, direct contact is always fundamental for humans.

Talking and communicating without looking at each other or meeting each other is very instant and effective, but we need to realize that humans are born as social beings who must talk and communicate with people around them directly to produce a healthy and balanced social life so that selfish social life does not exist. as well as individualism.