Things to Look For When Choosing a Laptop for Graphic Design

Things to Look For When Choosing a Laptop for Graphic Design

Graphic design is a science that is closely related to graphics through computer media. Graphic design in addition to using computer media, this graphic design can also be used via a laptop. But unfortunately not all laptops can run graphic design programs. Here’s how to choose a laptop for graphic design purposes.

1. Screen Size

Of course, in making graphic designs, you will talk about visuals. Well, to find out how good the visuals are, of course you have to use a laptop screen that is big enough. A laptop screen that makes you comfortable when creating graphic designs is a minimum of 1600px x 900px. With a laptop screen size of that size, of course you will see visuals more clearly and can make your eyes more comfortable.

2. RAM

You also need to pay attention to other components that are no less important, namely RAM. The function of RAM is to be able to run a program on a laptop or computer. For the RAM, please look for RAM with a high capacity. The minimum for graphic design is to use RAM with a capacity of 6GB because it aims for smoothness when using graphic design software.

3. Processor

Choose a laptop that has a strong processor because without a strong processor, you will find it difficult to run graphic design software applications that are quite heavy to use. In order to run graphic design programs, you need to use a processor that already has a name. Like Intel and AMD. Or you can also read references about the differences between Intel and AMD processors as your consideration for buying a laptop.

4. Huge storage

Of course it will be in vain if you have a large RAM capacity, and have a good processor, but a small hard drive capacity. Especially when using graphic design applications or software, which on average have a memory size of more than 1GB. That’s why the minimum hard drive capacity needed for your laptop is 1TB. 1TB is more than enough to be able to store graphic design projects and also install several applications and software.

5. Powerful Battery

You need to know, of course, when we want to design a project, it takes quite a long time. That’s a sign that you need a durable laptop when working on graphic design projects. In general, the average laptop only lasts 3 hours to 5 hours for normal use. Therefore, you should choose a laptop that has a battery capacity that can last more than 5 hours.

6. Price

An important consideration when buying a graphics laptop is the price factor. So before you make a laptop purchase transaction, please do a survey first so you can buy a laptop that fits what you need, because it’s a shame when you buy an expensive laptop but the features in it don’t match what you want.