Tips for Caring for Earphones So It Doesn’t Get Damaged

Tips for Caring for Earphones So It Doesn’t Get Damaged

As we know that the benefits of listening to music is that it can improve mood and deal with stress. Listening to music is also more fun if you use earphones. However, if you use earphones, the earphones will be damaged more quickly. Here are some tips that you can use to take care of earphones so they don’t get damaged quickly:

1. Make sure the Ears are Dry when using Earphones

Earphones are also electronic devices that if exposed to water can be damaged due to a short circuit. If a short circuit occurs, you could be electrocuted and very dangerous. Therefore, you should make sure that your ears are not wet. This is in addition to caring for earphones as well as to maintain ear health if you often use earphones.

2. Roll the Earphone Cable Properly

The thing that can make the earphones damaged quickly is the cable that is already entangled, because you wind it incorrectly. A entangled earphone cable could be pulled. Therefore, you must roll it properly when you are done using it. You can also use a hook to keep it from getting tangled again.

3. Setting Earphones with Normal Volume

Playing songs at full volume when using earphones can affect the performance of the earphones. This is because the loud volume can damage the speakers and internal components inside. As a result, the audio quality will continue to decline and the bass effect will become louder. Then the resulting audio becomes broken.

4. Keep Earphones in a Safe Place

Rolling the earphones properly is also not enough if you don’t use a special earphone holder. Because when it is stored in an unsafe place, it will still tangle because it is shaken.

5. Clean Earphones Regularly

Earphones can also be a nest of dust, bacteria and germs. Because right in the audio section there are small gaps that are easy for dust to enter. Therefore, you must be diligent in cleaning it so that the sound produced by the earphones becomes better. The way to clean it is to use a toothbrush, cotton bud or microfiber cloth