Types of Number Processing Application Programs

Types of Number Processing Application Programs

Without realizing it, in fact you often use a number processing application program on a daily basis. Number processing program or also called Spreadsheet, is a program that functions to process numbers. Are you familiar with Microsoft Excel? I’m sure you know him. And the program is one example of a number processing application program on a computer. Besides Excel, of course there are many other number processing application programs that can be found, both those based on Windows or Linux or Android. As you can see on various sites where you can download applications, there are many number processing application programs that you can use. The following are various kinds of number processing application programs:

Microsoft Excel

The most popular data processing application program is Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel or Ms Excel or Excel is a number processing software developed by Microsoft in the Microsoft Office category. Its sister software, Word, has the function of collecting data in the form of a table, which is referred to as a spreadsheet. Excel was first released in 1985 under the name Multiplan and until now under the name Excel 2016 or 365. Excel is not only available for Windows but is also available for MacOS, iOS, and Android.

WPS Office

WPS Office is a software that contains three kinds of applications in it, namely Word, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. For this time we discuss Spreadsheets. This Spreadsheet software functions the same as other number processing software, namely processing documents in the form of numbers. This software is quite popular and indeed many users like to use this software made by Kingsoft Office because it has a simple yet friendly menu and design.


The next number processing software is KSpread. KSpread software is a spreadsheet software developed by KDE and is part of the KOffice family. His sister software KWord was first released in June 2005 specifically for Windows and Linux users. Just like KWord, KSpread is available in 99+ languages. KSpread has several features namely; multiple worksheets in one document, multiple formatting possibilities, support for more than 100 functions, templates, diagrams, spell checker, hyperlinks and data sorting. KSpread also has many users as well besides Excel.


Then there is Abacus, a number processing software that was originally developed as a project by students from IST, Portugal. Furthermore, the software is developed into spreadsheet software that can be used by several users. This abacus requires small memory and is easy to use for both new and old users.

OpenOffice Calc

OpenOffice Calc is a number processing software developed by OpenOffice. This software is open source (open source). OpenOffice Calc supports the ODF (Open Document Format) standard for data exchange as a standard file format. This software can also recognize various types of formats from several number processing software. This software is also no less interested in Microsoft Excel or KSpread.

WingZ (Spreadsheets)

The next spreadsheet software is WingZ. WingZ is a multi-platform number processing application, meaning that it is widely used on several platforms. This software is also free although it is limited only for non-commercial use. WingZ is no ordinary app. WingZ is a number processing application equipped with tools for analyzing dynamic data with complete functions in the fields of statistics, engineering, finance, and with the availability of a multiplayer worksheet matrix.

Lotus 123

Lotus 123 is a number processing software that was quite popular in its day. This app was used around the 80’s. This software was developed by Lotus Software and is now part of IBM. This application used to be a useful application in the past and has a long history and one must know its origins to understand. I’m not going to tell the history because it takes time for you to understand. So you search first on google there must be a lot. Lotus 123 now has no one using this application.


Another number processing application software is Xess. Xess is a spreadsheet system developed by AIS (Applied Information System). Xess is multiplatform. Xess is a spreadsheet software that has several versions for its use, namely Enterprise and Lite. Enterprise is used for companies while Lite is for individuals. Xess has a price that for me is very expensive. Even more expensive than Microsoft Excel.