Various Technologies from Various Advanced Equipment

Various Technologies from Various Advanced Equipment

It is undeniable that technological sophistication continues to make human life easier. Experts also produce a variety of equipment with advanced technology that can be used in everyday life. What are they? Come on, follow the following notes on the latest equipment.

Flexible Mobile

The flexible cellphone is one of the innovations from the growth of technology brought up by Samsung which is called “Galaxy Wing”. This smartphone, which has a flexible screen, uses grapheme material to make the touch screen.

This material is the thinnest material in the world created by Prof. Andre Geim and Prof. Even though it is thin, this material is in fact very sturdy, light, transparent, and flexible. This material has been used for various products, such as aircraft, to solar panels.


Initially shoes were only used as foot protectors. Thanks to the development of technology, smart shoes have been created that can not only protect your feet, but can also analyze foot movements, fitness levels, calorie levels, and so on when used for walking.

These smart shoes are equipped with sensors that can record your fitness when you wear them. Not only that, it turns out that these shoes can adjust the temperature of the shoes to the temperature of the area, so that they are still safe to wear.

Clothes Folding Machine

Folding clothes is something that humans always do after their clothes are dry. Folding clothes is done so that all clothes can be placed neatly and don’t take up a lot of space. To help those of you who have a very busy schedule, so you never have to fold clothes again, a robot has been created that can fold clothes.

The robot is called Foldimate. The Foldimate robot was created by an industry with the same name, namely Foldimate. Foldimate has the shape of a washing machine that has a large size, then in front of it has a mouth equipped with a clamp. You only have to put the clothes one by one into it and a few moments after that your clothes are neatly folded.

Autonomous Car

Autonomous car is a technological advancement that allows cars to move and drive automatically without human encouragement. This technology has emerged and is used in developed countries in the world.

This self-driving car uses technology from sensors that can control their environment, such as radar, GPS, sonar, to inertial measurement units. Not only that, this smart car is also equipped with a sophisticated control system that can interpret sensory data to identify the right navigation path.

Hyperloop train

The Hyperloop train is a transportation technology initiated by Elon Musk, CEO of the Tesla electric car industry and the spacecraft industry, SpaceX. The concept of this transportation is mass transportation that has an extraordinary speed.

This train has a capsule that is used for passenger space. The form of a vehicle that resembles a capsule and its path that resembles a tube. This is the secret of why this vehicle is so fast. Moreover, the Hyperloop has a speed of up to 1207 kilometers per hour, much faster than an airplane.

Holographic cellphone

Hologram cellphone is a technology that can display a 3D cellphone screen in the form of a hologram. The latest technology from this cellphone is called Red Hydrogen One. The cellphone that can show the hologram was initiated by the AT&T and Verizon industries.

To make the holographic display appear, you don’t need to use glasses or any application support, because you can see it directly. Unfortunately, this cellphone has a price that is still very expensive, which is IDR 27 million.

Smart Jacket

The latest technology that has been created and developed by 2 big companies, namely Google and Levis, has made jackets not only to make the human body warm. However, it produces a smart jacket that can be connected to Android or iOS.

The product called Levis Commuter Trucker is made of denim and is equipped with Jacquard technology which allows you to adjust your gadgets using a jacket. You can get this smart jacket at the United States Levis store at a price of 350 US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 4.7 million.


Hoverboard is one of the latest technologies that is unmatched, moreover, it is always hard to imagine today’s humans. Initially, this technology was only seen in action films that used cool effects. But thanks to advances in technology, hoverboards can be seen directly.

The technology brought up by Marty McFly seeks to combine skateboarding with modern technology, so that it can make this skateboard fly. The initial inspiration for this hovering skateboard was found by the Hiller Aircraft industry in 1950 who gave its product name Flying Platform.

Noise Control Earphones

When listening to music using earphones, your enjoyment can be hampered by outside noise. So you need to move away from the sound source in order to enjoy clear sound. At present, a technology called noise canceling has been found.

This technology can minimize outside noise that can disturb the sound from the earphones. Thanks to this technology, you can get sound that is always clear even in a noisy place. One product that has used this technology for its earphones is the IQbuds developed by a startup named Nuheara.

Anti-Drowsiness Cap

Drowsiness is one aspect that causes a disaster when driving. Because like that, it is highly recommended to take a short break when you are sleepy. But if you always want to force yourself to drive, the Ford company has offered a solution.

Ford has produced a sophisticated hat product that can make you not sleepy. The product, called Safecap, is equipped with sensors and a gyroscope that can keep you from getting sleepy during the trip, because it can warn you by lighting, vibrating, and making sound when you are sleepy.